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How much does a top notch techno DJ make per party?


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DJAM makes about $20,000 grand per night


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notch used programming which i have no idea how to do but long minecraft commands are pretty much the same thing.

Notch makes LOTS and LOTS of money.

the average salary is between $18.000 and $22.000 the top notch installers make as much as $50.000

No, I think that Rock and techno are brother and sister. I love Rock and Techno. I love em so much I wanna marry them so bad. I love everthing about techno. I love everything about rock. I created Rochno. You know what that means? Correct! it means Rock and Techno together. I hate Rap and hip-hop so much I just want to crunch it so bad.

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Techno is commonly said to originate in 1980's Detroit. This style and period of techno is commonly referred to as Detroit techno. As hinted at, this "genre" is very much alive. But some people say that techno has its real origins in the late disco/early house scene sparked off by Donna Summer's 1977 hit "I Feel Loved" which at the time was said to be a very "futuristic" song. But without a doubt, the Detroit techno scene was most likely spawned by the late '70's early 80's house scene. Noted Detroit techno artists from the mid 1980's are Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May. I hope this answers your question!

7.31 An hour and you get crappy hours!!

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They were around£4'500-£5'000. Sold out pretty quick though.

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Because it lets you be yourself.You dont need to hear the same music you hear on the radio all the time to let you know that what you are listening to is cool.If you love i.....then it must be cool. The person who asked this question probably doesnt know much about EDM(Electronic Dance Music).Thats why they called it "techno". Techno is a genre within EDM.

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if your nice no but you can actualy i dont no that much

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i heard from dana white at the house party, he makes about 100 grand

According to Jeb, the release date is not set in stone but it will be on Sept. 8 if there aren't any setbacks or other issues. In the PAX Party video, Notch mentioned that the update will likely be split into two parts since it has so much content.

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