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Q: How much does an 8x8x16 solid block weigh?
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How much concrete to fill 8x8x16 block wall?

A standard 8x8x16 2 core block contains about .25cf of open space

How much does a 8x8x16 block weight?

20 lbs.

How much does a 4x8x16 solid Block weigh?

40 lbs

How much does a 4x8x16 solid concrete block weigh?

40 lbs

Does a solid block of glue weigh as much as the same block of glue melted?

Yes, it would be the same.

How much does a 8x8x16 cinder block cost in Show Low Az?

Depends on the type. Show Low Block charges $2.11 per block for terra split face.

How much does an 8x8x16 cinder block weight?

Really depends on what the block is. If it solid, 2 core, 3 core, lightweight, midweight, concrete? Is it split face, fluted or burmished? Alot of different factors in determining that anwser. Also it depends on where its made, every block plant makes them a little different. But for a general reference a regular Block weighs about 40 pounds.

How much does a pallet of concrete blocks weigh?

Depends on which size block and type. A 8x8x16 (common size) thick blocks with heavy gravel mix and small 3 ports can average around 56 lbs. or as light as 28 pounds if hollow with lightweight mix. There are usually 108 8x8x16 blocks on a pallet. This gives you an approximate weight between 1.5-3 tons. That is between 3,000 and 6,000 pounds.

How much does a maffia block weigh?

with or with out

How much does a 10kg block weigh on earth?

It would weigh 10kg.

How much does a 4x8x16 concrete block weigh?

4x8x16, solid light weight (you can find at Lowe's and HD) - 27 lbs when dry, 28 lbs when wet

How much does a Chevy 396 big block weigh?

about 685 pounds dry