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The ds action reply is around 20 dollars. And so is the gameboy advance one.

Nothing knows everything your game is probaly newer then action replay get an action replayi much newer

Normaly, the action replay works. But be forwarned, to much use of the action replay can crash your game, and even your system.

Not sure...but I bought my Action Replay on Ebay for round about £8. Hope this helps!

You can purchase a Nintendo DSi Action Replay in England for around £20-£30.

Don't use two action replays on one game it will freeze it or if pass it all and then start using it the game will be unfamiliar with the action replay so it will erase the game, or if you cheat to much then it will freeze and there will be a possibility that you my never use you action replay on your game EVER AGAIN.

There are none. There are power saves and I think those cost $20

An action replay is 19.00 dollars.

If you use cheats too much, it may freeze your game.

the action replay is 24.99. the action replay is $24.99 (well if people r going to i will) the action replay is 24.99

An Action Replay Is Very useful foeople who don't play there game much but want to get the most out of their game. However It Can break i yoou use it too much. It could also break game or DS. Use with caution.

The Action Replay generally costs around $20 - $30. You can obtain it at your local Best Buy, Walmart, or Online Store.

it varies depending on how new the game system is (which if its all shiny I am assuming uve either had it for a long time or used an action replay) and how you got them if you used an action replay it is not as valuable as a non-action replay game.

buy it in walmart, game stop, target, more. regular action replay, (for ds, ds lite) $19.99 but for all $24.99. @_@.

First of all, they are merely called Action Replay Codes. Second of all, people who use Action Replay are lazy fat people who cant play the game correctly. If you use an Action Replay on your game to much, your game will freeze and wont be usable any more.

About the same as a regular action replay i think.

It can ultimatly affect the DSi, but not much. If you use an action replay on a game it has been known to crash, so it's not worth it unless you're really bored.

I got mine from game stop at 25.99 plus tax makes it 27.?? But I live in Hawaii so its more expensive

As much as you don't want to hear the answer, yes, certain cheats will destroy your game.

toys r us you can get a action replay at wal-mart for 35.67

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