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How much does an average 7 year old girl weigh?

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normal is about 50 to 60 lbs.

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Depends how tall you are, usually 11 year old girls weigh 60-110

Her weight depends on how tall she is

It all depends on height. A girl that is about 5'4" should weigh about 115 on average. However, someone taller should weigh more and someone shorter should weigh less.

well it's all depending on your hieght

An average 8 year old girl should weigh aproxamently 4.67 kilos

A ten year old girl can weigh from 80-100 lbs.

An average 12 year old girl would weigh between 95 and 105 lbs. The average height of a girl this age is between 60 and 63 inches.

Average weight for a 13 year old girl is 28 to 74 kgs.

It really depends on her height. If the girl is let's say 5'4 the average weight is like 114. If they are shorter they'd probably weigh less and if they are taller they weigh more. Hope i answered your question :)

If you are an 11 year old girl who is 4' 10 you should weigh 75 pounds just like my healthy daughter.

I think a girl of 4"4 and 14 yea old on average should weigh around 110 - 120 ,

Well, the average 12 year old should weigh about 50kg, so I think that an average 14 year old should way more than or around that. YOU'RE NOT FAT! (just by the way... =])

Average weight for an 14 year old girl is 33 to 79 kgs.

The average weight of an thirteen year old girl is 101lbs. but that is based on the average height of an thirteen year old girl. If you are taller than an average thirteen year old girl you will weigh more.

A eleven year old girl of that age should weigh around 45-55 kg. Depends on the girls diet and how much exercise they get, but that is the standard average weight of an eleven year old girl.

Average weight for an 11 year old girl is 24 to 66 kgs.

I am 12 and i weigh 67 pounds so i guess i am under weight. if you are 12 write how much you weigh

That is the average weight. I am 13 and weigh 78 lbs. I am underweight, but not that much

the average weight is around 5-6 stone

If your an average guy and your not fat nor muscular, then around 140-150 is good. For a average girl, 80- 120 is what girls i know weigh.

A average 13 year old should weigh about 110-135 lbs.

A 9 year old girl should weigh about 65-80 pounds