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They should gain like 3-5 pounds from there normal weght

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What is the average age that a girl will start her period?

In the United States, the average age for a girl to get her first period is 12

What happens when a girl gets her period?

When a girl gets her period, blood comes from her vagina and she gets a bloated uterus, plus terrible cramps. When girls get their period, she must wear a tampon, or a pad. A pad is a liner that you put in your underwear. A tampon is something that a girl puts into her vagina.

What happens if a girl gets her period at the beach?

she gets it at the beach and well she is stuffed from a person

How many pounds does and average 12 year old girl weigh?

An average 12 year old girl would weigh between 95 and 105 lbs. The average height of a girl this age is between 60 and 63 inches.

How old do you have to be to get a period?

The girl usually gets her period by the age of twelve or thirteen years.

How much should the average 13 year old girl weigh?

It all depends on height. A girl that is about 5'4" should weigh about 115 on average. However, someone taller should weigh more and someone shorter should weigh less.

What does the average fifth grade girl weigh?

a 5th grade girl is about 95-110lb

How much sholud a 163cm girl weigh?

well i am 163cm and i weigh 45 kg. that is the average

What does the average 7th grade girl weigh?

it depends on how tall you are..?

What does pmsing mean?

its when a girl gets really crabby or has mood swings before she gets her period.

What does an amateur girl means?

A girl will be known as amateur before she gets her first period. when a girl gets her first period a girl can be considered as mateured and can fertilize the eggs of sperm and there will be a chance of geting praganent if a sperm is dumped into her begina or child box......

When does a girl gets her period after having unprotected sex?

Having sex does not change the day of your period.

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