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The going rate for an electrical contractor is between 50 and 60 dollars per hour. Some may be less, but their credentials and past work should always be checked when in doubt.

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How much does an electrical contractor charge per hour in San Francisco?


How much should an electrical contractor charge per hour?

no less than $75/hr

How much does a general contractor charge per hour in Maryland?

A general Contractor does not typically charge by the hour. They usually charge by the job or by percentage. A G.C.'s job is to hire and coordinate not to "work" so hours would be a pore measure of his worth. Perhaps you are confusing a GC with a Home Improvement Contractor?

How much a contractor construction make per hour?

45 Per hour

How much should a painter charge per room if you purchase the supplies?

anywhere from $15 to $30 (double if legitimate contractor) an hour, and the walls of a 10 x 10 room can be rolled in an hour

How much is a concrete contractor paid?

A concrete contractor is paid between $60 and $95 per hour.

How much money per year does an electrical contractor make in California?


How much should an electrical contractor charge for two electricians per hour?

It depends on whether both are certified electricans or not. Often times one electrican is certified and one is an electricans apprentice. If both are certified, I thin the per hour rate would be around $150 - $160. If one is an electrician's apprentice, $130 is probably more reasonable.

What is a electrical contactor for?

An electrical contractor does the wiring for homes and businesses. They install the wiring and electrical components needed to run electricity. The question asks about a contactor, not a contractor. A contactor is a type of heavy duty electrical relay for using smaller voltages to control much larger voltages.

How much does banda recodo charge per hour?

How much did Banda el recodo charge per hour now in usa

How much maximum can an unlicensed contractor charge in Calif?

500.00 total per job.

How much do contractor make?

A one man plumbing contractor with a masters license can NET in excess of $260,000 for a 1,200 hour work year

How much does a contractor get paid by the hour?

well it is a career. you get paid by salary not. not the hours you work.

How much do you charge an hour for babysitting?

I do it for free

How much can I charge an hour for consulting services?

As much as you want.

How much is a swan?

Depends on how much they charge per hour

How much does a roofer charge per hour?

A roofer shouldn't charge by the hour he should charge by the square. In a square their is 100 sq.ft and they usually charge $300 per square.

How much of a electrical charge does lemon juice have?

5.6 energy

I charge 75.00 an hour-I was only there three quarters of an hour-how much Do i charge for the three quarters of an hour?

3/4 of 75.00 = 56.25

How much do a family theriapist earn an hour?

however much they charge

How much does an electrician charge per hour?


How much did babysitters charge in 1974?

50p an hour

How much does an electrical engineer make an hour?

60 minutes

How much should you charge in pet sitting?

You should probably charge $5 an hour

How much do you charge for babysitting with babysitting license?

If you're a beginner then you should charge $5 an hour, but if you're more advanced, you should charge $6 or $7 an hour.

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