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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the estimated mean annual wage for medical assistants as of May 2008 is, $29,060. This would amount to $13.97 per hour. The earnings of medical assistants vary, depending on their experience, skill level, and location. Median annual wages of wage-and-salary medical assistants were $28,300 in May 2008. The middle 50 percent earned between $23,700 and $33,050. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $20,600, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $39,570.

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Q: How much does an medical assistant make with an associates degree in Texarkana Texas?
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What type of degree you need for medical assistant?

You can get an diploma an certificate, associates degree, bachlors degree or doctorates in it. And still get in the field

How much does a certified medical assistant with associates degree and certified limited medical radiology and certified in phlebotomy make?

about 1$ an hour

What is the difference between a medical assistant specialized associate's degree and and associate's degree?

The associates degree is a general degree type from which many specific programs of study fall. Medical Assisting is just one of those specific programs.

What jobs are available for Medical Assitants with a associate's degree?

i have heard that you can get a job working in the lab or front office i just want to know is this true and what is the difference between the medical assistant diploma and the associates degree

What is required to be a medical assistant?

A college degree is required to be a medical assistant.

What is the average salary of a medical assistant in the United States?

The average salary for a medical assistant is between 50-80 thousand dollars. This seems like a large disparity, but some are highly educated while others only have a bachelors or associates degree.

What is the abbreviation of medical assistant associate's degree?

Typically, it is an associates of applied science (AAS).Typically, it is an associates of applied science (AAS).Typically, it is an associates of applied science (AAS).Typically, it is an associates of applied science (AAS).Typically, it is an associates of applied science (AAS).Typically, it is an associates of applied science (AAS).

How long it takes to get a degree on medical assistant in Everest university?

how long does it take to become a medical assistant

Where can one get a medical assistant degree?

One can get a medical assistant degree from many places. The easiest place to start looking is online for official websites that can check your current eligibility to go through a medical assistant school.

Where can one learn how to become a medical assistant?

To become a medical assistant (MA) or certified medical assistant (CMA), one needs to attend a school that has a one year program or complete a two year associates degree. Both traditional community colleges and trade schools offer medical assistant programs. To find out what the programs entail one would speak to a counselor at any institution offering MA or CMA coursework.

What different type of work can I do with an associates degree as a medical assistant?

Some related jobs with similar tasks would include:Medical records and health information techniciansMedical secretariesMedical transcriptionistsBilling and coding

What can you do with an associates in healthcare administration?

With the Associates degree you could work in a long term care facility as the admissions coordinator, administrative assistant but in order to actually be the administrator you would need your bachelors degree. You can look on line and it should tell you more of what you can do with the Associates degree.