How much does an underground miner earn?

It all depends what kind of mine and position underground.

Base rate $25-$40/hr

Mining is a great trade, Miners Wages/Salary is practically all hazard pay

but it's all about the bonus.

Production Miner (screening, bolting, Face Drilling) 100% bonus

Machine Operators (muckers, etc...) 25-75% Bonus

Company Office workers 0-50% Bonus

To answer your question a production miner makes the 100% bonus

so if you waged $40/hr after Bonus you would make $80/hr

And that's not the end of it Miners work 40-44 hours a week, most work over time.

So, before over time Production Underground miners make between $150,000 and $200,000 a year

Not trying to be a nitpicker, just a little extra info for the cause.

I make 29.56 per hour as an ITH driller/loader/blaster. I also do much more than this but this is my 'bid'.

Bonus runs between 25% to 80% with the average being about 50% yearly. The biggest overtime guy in the

3 headframes in the area made 180,000 and he lived in his headings. So its possible but I think the average wage is 100,00 to 120,000.