How much does beer cost monthly?

The monthly cost of beer depends on two variables: how much do you drink per day, and what is the cost of your brand of beer.

* If you drink 1 beer per day at a cost of $4 per beer, your tab for August would be $124. * If you drink 2-3 beers per day (average 2.5) at a cost of $2 each, your monthly beer bill would run you $155. * If you drink 5-6 beers (average 5.5) per day at $2 each, you will spend $341 this month. * If you decide to quit drinking and go to 31 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in 31 days your beer bill would be zero, though you may decide to make contributions of $2 per meeting. This would total $64 dollars for the month of August, a net savings of $60-$277 per month.