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The Coca-Cola Company spent approximately 2.6 billion dollars on advertising in 2006. This figure, however, has been consistently rising: 2005: $2.5 billion

2004: $2.2 billion

2003: $1.8 billion

2002: $1.7 billion

2001: $2.0 billion

2000: $1.7 billion

1999: $1.7 billion

1998: $1.6 billion

1997: $1.6 billion

1996: $1.4 billion

1995: $1.3 billion

1994: $1.1 billion

1993: $1.0 billion

2009-04-06 00:48:15
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How much did Coca-Cola spend on advertising in 2009?

2.44 billion, 2009

How much money is spent for advertising coca cola?

$2.3 billion

How much caffeine is in Coca-Cola?

There are 37.5 of caffeine in Coca Cola

How much acid is in coca cola?

Coca cola has a variety of acids in it.

How much fat does a 12 oz coca cola can have?

There is no fat in a Coca Cola.

How much is a Coca-Cola in Puerto Rico?

$1.25 for any coca-cola size

How much fizz Is in Coca-Cola?

i say that there is about 62.5 of fizz in an actual coca cola can. that's my educational guess.

How much aspartame is in Coca Cola?

hwo much aspartame is in coca coca? is 123 grams

Which is healthier between Coca-Cola and Pepsi?

Coca Cola is healthier. Less sugar, calories, etc.Pepsi is it it dont have as much as sugar as coca cola

How much gas is in coce Coca-Cola?


How much was the initially investment on Coca-Cola?


How much Coca-Cola is sold globally?

a lot this wasn't the question i asked, i asked where is Coca-Cola sold, not how much is Coca-Cola sold globally, so if you no the answer to this please answer it for i need it for an assignmnett

How much was coca cola stock in 1920?

The coca cola stock in the 1920's is none ya.!

How much alcohol does Coca-Cola have?

Coca-cola has no alcohol it, it is a 'soft' drink. It is not an alcoholic beverage.

Who much was Coca-Cola in 1947?

Do you mean the price. If so a coca-cola was 5 cents.

How much water is in a can of Coca Cola?

99 % is water in a can of diet cokeThere is approximately 85% of water in Coca-Cola.

How much does Coca-Cola cost in Malayasia?

The price of 2 litres coca-cola is RM3.94 in Malaysia.

How much does Coca -Cola earn in a year?

coca-cola earns about 65 million per year

How much money did coca cola make in 2010?

In 2010 coca cola made 38.1 billion dollars.

How much is Coca-Cola in France?

The price of 2 liters of Coca-Cola in Paris is $2.56 or €1.96.

How much sugar dissolves in Coca-Cola?

72% melts

How much do a forklift operator make at Coca-Cola?


How much does it cost to internationally distribute Coca-Cola?


How does Coca Cola affect your body?

it affects our body by destroying our teeth and to much coca cola in your body not good and it is made out of to much chemicals

What happens when you drink to much coca cola?

when your drink tow much coca cola your body will slowly gain fat and get a bunch of calories.