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How much does drake bell weigh?

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Drake Bell weighs somewhere around 130-140lbs. He's really thin.

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How much is drake bell worth?

drake bell is worth from 3-8 million

What are ALL the songs that drake bell sings?

Drake Bell: Down We FallDrake Bell: Highway to NowhereDrake Bell: I KnowDrake Bell: CirclesDrake Bell: Found A WayDrake Bell: Lost A LoverDrake Bell: SomehowDrake Bell: In The EndDrake Bell: Don't PreachDrake Bell: Hollywood GirlDrake Bell: Golden DaysDrake Bell: The BackhouseDrake Bell: TelegraphDrake Bell: Makes Me HappyDrake Bell: Up PeriscopeDrake Bell: Do What You WantDrake Bell: It's Only TimeDrake Bell: Fool The WorldDrake Bell: Fallen For YouDrake Bell: Rusted SilhouetteDrake Bell: Break Me DownDrake Bell: End It GoodDrake Bell: Superhero Song!Drake Bell: All Alone At The DiscoDrake Bell: The SpinDrake Bell: Out ThereDrake Bell: 14UDrake Bell: Everything is going to be OkayDrake Bell: Wrong Side Of The SunDrake Bell: LonelyDrake Bell: See You AgainDrake Bell: Best I Ever HadDrake Bell: All Night LongDrake Bell: Im Going In Feat. Lil Wayne & Young JeezyDrake Bell: One Man ShowDrake Bell: Successful feat Trey Songz & mp3Drake Bell: OverDrake Bell: It's Been a PleasureDrake Bell: UptownDrake Bell: November 18thDrake Bell: Think Good ThoughtsDrake Bell: Leave It All To Me feat. Miranda Cosgrovewow, that's a lot!Note: If anyone reading this knows a song that Drake Bell sings that's NOT on this list, don't be an idiot and erase the whole answer, just add on to it. Thank You :)

Drake bell short?

If I rember rightly Drake Bell ( the Drake Bell I know of ) is not short.

Does drake bell drink?

drake bell does not drink .

Is Drake Bell Jewish?

No, Drake Bell is not Jewish.

How did drake bell die?

Drake Bell is not dead.

Is drake bell ugly?

No Drake Bell is supposed to be the most handsomest on drake. And Josh

Does Drake Bell have a mustache?

yes drake bell does have a mustache

Is drake bell Italian?

No Drake Bell is not Italian,he is American

Is Drake Bell a Catholic?

Yes Drake Bell Is Catholic.

Is Kristen bell and drake bell related to each other?

Are Kristen Bell and Drake Bell related, not is........................

What is drake bells screen name?

drake bell has no screen name... he is known as "drake bell".

What is the birth name of Drake Bell?

Drake Bell's birth name is Jared Drake Bell.

What is Drake bell ethnicity?

Drake Bell is White.! isn't it obvious?

Was drake bell in a car accidents?

Yes drake bell was in an accident

What nicknames does Drake Bell go by?

Drake Bell goes by The Drakester.

How much does drake bell earn?

he earns same as Obama

Is drake bell alive?

Yes, Drake Bell is very much alive. He had a near fatel car accident a few years ago, but has fully recovered.

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