Drake (rapper)

Aubrey Drake Graham is a Canadian rapper and actor. Drake originally became known for playing Jimmy Brooks a character on the television series "Degrassi: The Next Generation."

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Nicki Minaj
Drake (rapper)

Are Nicki Minaj and Drake in a relationship?

Rumors have linked Nicki Minaj and Drake since they first went on tour together, but the two talk like nothing has happened.

Drake (rapper)

What year was Drake born the rapper?

Drake was born on October, 24. 1986.

Drake (rapper)

Is drake rap-a-lot recording artist?


Drake (rapper)

Is Drake Jewish?

Yes. Drake is considered Jewish by Jewish law and self identifies as Jewish.

He grew up in a Jewish neighborhood of Toronto with his mother, attended a primarily Jewish high school, and had a Bar Mitzvah (Jewish coming of age ceremony). Though Drake's father is not Jewish, according to Jewish law one is Jewish if their mother was Jewish.

Drake (rapper)
Hip-Hop and Rap Music

When is drake's new album coming out?

In February 2015, Drake released "If You're Reading This, It's Too Late." By August, it had sold more than one million copies. Then, in September 2015, he released a joint-mixtape with Atlanta rapper Future. It was called "What a Time to Be Alive." It debuted at number one on the Billboard R&B Charts and Billboard Hot Rap Songs, and by year's end, it had already sold more than 300,000 copies.

Drake (rapper)

How drake became successful?

In February 2006, Graham released his first mixtape Room for Improvement. It was made available via his website and official MySpace page. In 2007, he released another mixtape, Comeback Season, spawning a single and a music video for "Replacement Girl" featuring Trey Songz. Also in 2007, Graham became the first unsigned Canadian rapper to have his music video featured on BET when his first single, "Replacement Girl" was featured as the "New Joint of the Day" on April 30, 2007.[17] It also contained a freestyle over a song with Lil Wayne, a remix of "Man of the Year" originally by Brisco and Flo Rida. In 2008, Lil Wayne was given some of Drake's music from Rap-A-Lot founder, J. Prince's son, Jas Prince, and he immediately called Graham to invite him to fly to Houston and tour with him. Graham and Wayne recorded a couple of songs during this time, including "Ransom", the original version of "Forever", and the remix to Drake's song, "Brand New". Though now part of Lil Wayne's crew, Young Money, Drake was not signed.

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Drake (rapper)
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How do I get signed to ARISTA Records?


First off, Arista Records is now J Records.

The best way to get a recording contract in today's music industry is to tour relentlessly. Record labels don't go to clubs looking for "the next big thing" anymore. They don't accept demos either. What the big record labels are looking for is an artist that can build a fanbase and sell records without a record label. The best way to accomplish that? Touring, and lots of it. Almost every band you hear on the radio spent years touring in obscurity before getting their break. People still get "discovered" now and then, but that's not realistic for anyone looking to get into the recording industry.

Also use MySpace. A lot of A&R's go through MySpace to find the next talent.

My son mainly went through MySpace, and the labels went hot on his tail. But he also spent nearly every night of the week for some years in studio and musical preparation prior to this, and became a highly respected name within the industry: so that also helps.

Drake (rapper)

Does Aubrey drake Graham have ADHD?

No, he does not have ADHD.

Drake (rapper)

Do drake have a brother or sister?

No, Drake is an only child.

Drake (rapper)

Who is supporting drake on his UK tour?

its either nicki minaj or lloyd...

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Drake (rapper)

What is Drake's official fan phone number?

An official fan phone number for Drake (Aubrey Graham) is currently not available. However, you can contact Drake through his official fan mail address.

Fan Mail Address:

Aubrey Graham

William Morris Endeavor Entertainment

9601 Wilshire Blvd.

3rd Floor

Beverly Hills, CA 90210-5213


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Drake (rapper)

Does Drake smoke?

drake the rapper doesn't smoke he may smoke occasionally in social gatherings maybe to fit in or something but drake hold his voice dear and wants to maintain it although i find it dumb to smoke to fit in

Celebrity Relationships
Nicki Minaj
Drake (rapper)

Did Nicki Minaj divorce Drake?


Drake (rapper)

Is Aubrey Drake Graham have brother?

No only a half sister from his father dennis graham

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Drake (rapper)

What is drake favourite holiday?


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Drake (rapper)

What drake song goes so you cry more?

find your love

Drake (rapper)

How long has Drake been a rapper?

Drake released his first mixtape in February 2006. This was his entry into the music world as a rapper. Therefore, as of November 2011, he has been rapping for about 5 years and 10 months.

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Drake (rapper)

What is rapper Drake's favorite color?


Drake (rapper)

What type of haircut does Drake the rapper have?

Ask for a shape up bro

Drake (rapper)

Who is Evelyn Cher?

Evelyn Cher is Drake's grandmother

Food & Cooking
Drake (rapper)

What is the rapper Drake's favorite food?

His favorite food is Italian food and he is very versed in wines his favorites being Sito Moresco and Tignanello .

Drake (rapper)

Does drake the rapper have a brother?

No, he has a brother named shyquan tyriki mcneal he is 13

Drake (rapper)

Did the rapper Drake sell his soul to the devil?

Did he

Drake (rapper)

What does the song crew love mean by drake?

It basically means when you're a biq star but you have this groupie that sticks up under you at a party or where ever and if you let her she would have sex with your whole crew !

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Drake (rapper)

How can you meet Lauren Graham?

She lives in Western Hollywood.The spa she goes to is the golden Door. She Goes to Burbank California Alot, Expensive street Named Rodeo Drive, alot of expensive stores! Fav. Resturant Grace, pretty sure that's In L.A on 7360 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles,CA 90036. If you go to White Pages.com Serch her you get her address for $1.95. She has the current Houses in:

1 address in BROOKLYN NY

2 addresses in MARINA DEL REY CA

1 address in WEST HOLLYWOOD CA

7 addresses in LOS ANGELES CA

2 addresses in NEW YORK NY


1 address in CHICAGO IL

6 addresses in DALLAS TX

2 addresses in SOUTHOLD NY

5 addresses in GREAT FALLS VA

Okay I got more on her: Here are some possible address for her:

8852 Greenberg Ln

San Diego, CA 92129-2177



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