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Q: How much does each unit cost at Harvard?
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Cost per unit for Harvard?

Harvard does not charge tuition by the unit. A full time tuition is about 42,000 dollars. A part time tuition is about 5,500 dollars.

If 843 units cost 16421.40 to produce how much does each unit cost to produce to the nearest cent?

19 cents

Is unit cost and unit price the same?

Unit cost is how much is costs to make. Unit price is how much you sell it for. The difference is profit.

What does unit price mean in math?

unit price means is when you want to find out how much an invendular thing cost ex.. 15 socks cost 5.50$ and you want to find out how much each cost you need to divid 15 by 15 and 15 and by 5.50$ and you get 2.27

What is the cost that increases with each additional unit produced?

Marginal cost of production

What is the affect of a per unit tax on marginal cost of production?

a per unit tax directly affects the marginal cost schedule by increasing the value of each marginal cost at each value by the amount of the tax

How do cost and production interrelate?

Each product produced is a "unit of production". Each unit has some cost to produce. Therefore, the higher the number of units are produced, the higher the total cost of production.Marginal unit costs are a different issue. As production volumes increase, the marginal cost of producing one more unit may be either higher or lower than the cost of producing the one last made.

How much does it cost to replace a central ac unit for a 2500 square foot house?

You would need like 2 units and it would cost around 4000 dollars each..

What is the cost per unit called?

Each. ie, 12 cents each or $5.00 ea.

What is cost per unit called?

Each. ie, 12 cents each or $5.00 ea.

What does the cost per unit mean?

If you find a dozen eggs for $1.20, and then figure out the cost for each egg ($0.10 or ten cents), you have figured out the unit cost. Or the price for one in a group.

What is the definition of marginal cost?

How much does it cost to produce one more unit of a good.