How much does fishing contribute to the GDP of Pakistan?


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fishing contributes 0.9% to the GDP of Pakistan


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Pakistan is spending Rs.95.442 million (2.2% of the GDP) on its education. Its should be more than 10% of the GDP for the better future of the Pakistan,

The primary sector includes agriculture fishing and etc. THIS sector contribute product obtain direct on earth. It contribute in GDP less than the comparision of secondary and tertiary sector.

share of agriculture in GDP 24% in pakistan

GDP of pakistan for last 10 years

As of June 2014, the Bureau of Statistics reports Pakistan GDP at 231.00 Billion. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Pakistan expanded 3.59 percent in 2013 from the previous year.

The Current GDP of Pakistan is US$ 202.856 billion.

what is the gnp of Pakistan for the year 2010

GDP of Pakistan was estimated to be about 165 Billion US Dollar at current prices for the year 2008-09.

Different Sources claim in a different way. The official websites of Pakistan claim that the GDP of the country in 2008 was $ 170 billion.

The Gross Domestic Product or GDP of Pakistan is $143.7 billion US Dollars (2007 IMF statistics). This places Pakistan in 47th place when ranking world's largest economies.

i think the oputdound tourism spends more money then all of us

Services rendered to tourism such as building hotels is an activity that qualifies as a GDP activity. 2009 GDP will not show till next year. The above link shows GDP for 2008.

there are many factors which contribute to GDP but the major sectors are agriculture sector, service sector and industries like automoblie, textile, steel etc.

when nu dontknw the ans....then how i can ans

According to the economic survey y SBP the GDP in nominal Dollars is arround 230 billion dollars.

If it involves purchasing a service, a haircut contributes to the GDP. However, if you just get your mom to cut your hair in the backyard for free or something that would not contribute to the GDP.

If any MNC works in INDIA it will countibute to INDIAS GDP and it countibutes in parent countries GNP.

India is richer then Pakistan as a country, and India also has a higher GDP per capita. The land of Pakistan has 'rich' soil for planting and such.

There is no currency with the abbreviation GDP

RS.70000/ as starting and Rs 87590/ when got senior for GDP <i am also flt lt of GDP>

RS.70000/ as starting and Rs 87590/ when got senior for GDP <i am also flt lt of GDP>

Transport, a local income (not export commodity), in all Pakistan stage (not as province) is 6,5% of GNP

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