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£40,000 a week. In total the club's wage bill yearly is £36.7m.
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How much do actors earn?

It depend on their fame, or what they are willing to accept, from doing the film for free to up to 20+ million $

How much does a medical technologist earn?

Medical technologist graduated with Bachelor of Science, & are license as Clinical Laboratory scientist earn between mid 70 to mid 80 a year depending on the kind of location and specialty. Scientist working in the hospital earn up to low 90,depending on the position and the number of years of exper ( Full Answer )

How much does a fl nurse earn?

Salaries for nurses in Florida (or anywhere in the USA) are payed by the hour not on a per year basis. Starting salaries for RN's are between $19 to $24 dollars per hour depending on where you work (hospital, nursing home, doctors office, home care, ect.) and what you specialty is. Depending on the ( Full Answer )

How much does Eminem earn?

well eminem made his new recovery album and it released in June as in its first week made several hundred thousands of copys and by augest first he had sold almost 2 million coppies. each copie cost aprokimitly 13 dollars

How much does a football player earn?

Between £60,000 a week to £3,000,000 a year Wayne Rooney earns about £250,000 a WEEK!!! Which is too much. And if someone would want to buy Cristiniano Ronaldo from Real Madrid they will have to pay £1 billion. Which is shoking. The average NFL salary in 2006 was $1.4 million. The Falcon ( Full Answer )

How much money does a marketer earn?

Answer . depends on what you are selling and the interest of the product or service. If the timing is right for the market you can withstand to make a whole lot of money.

How much oil is required for a 1993 Geo?

Take your Pick!! . 1993 GEO METRO 1.0L 3-cyl Engine . CAPACITIES Engine, with filter..........3.7 quarts[1] Cooling System, Initial Fill..........4.2 quarts Automatic Transmission, Initial Fill..........1.6 quarts[2] Automatic Transmission, Total Fill..........5.2 quarts Manual Transmi ( Full Answer )

Who is Emily zola?

That's Emile Zola, a man. He was a French Naturalist writer and friend of the Impressionist painters. His books have been translated into English and are really good. The Masterpiece is wonderful and provides insight on his relationship with the painters, but the book made them mad because of its ( Full Answer )

How much does a car painter earn?

It depends on qualifications and experience as well as certifications. My husband has 9 years experience and makes $60,000/year at a collision custom work.

How much do limo drivers earn?

Wages for professional chauffeurs vary worldwide by region. In the United States, chauffeurs can generally expect to earn anywhere between $6 and $20 per hour not including gratuities received while on the job. Chauffeurs who provide excellent service to their customers can expect to receive $10 or ( Full Answer )

How much do cardiolagist earn?

The median salary for cardiologist in the United States is $375,000per year. Cardiologists vary in the amount of specialization, andthe salary varies as well.

How much does a barista earn?

The salary for a barista varies depending on location andexperience, but many earn minimum wage or very close to it. Tipsfrom customers can increase this and in some cases can double thebarista's salary, or even more in a busy location.

How much do surgeons earn in Britain?

The average salary of a surgeon in the UK is 63,000 pounds peryear. A senior surgeon can earn upwards of 150,000 pounds per year.

How much does a co producer earn?

How much a co-producer will earn will depend upon many differentthings. It will depend upon their experience and it will alsodepend upon the show/movie that they are producing.

How much do panhandlers earn?

Panhandlers can make a lot of money. It depends on where they are and what their story is. However, they EARN nothing. They are beggers. They do not earn anything. They tell lies in order to prey on peoples good nature. In many places it is illegal.

How much oculists earn a year?

The average annual income for an ophthalmologist (oculist) in theUnited States is $79,000. The average income for an ophthalmologistin Phoenix, Arizona is $66,000 per year.

How much does a diver earn?

A pearl diver earns an average amount of money. Around 700 dolars per month. They don't earn to much.. A pearl diver earns an average amount of money. Around 400 dolars per month. They don't earn to much.

How much does a deckhand earn?

The salary for a deckhand will vary depending on experience andwhere they are employed. The average salary for a deckhand is$29,750 per year.

How much does a managing director earn?

According to recent government statistics the average salary for amanagement director is $180,000. However, the salary for amanagement director can range from $100,000 to over $300,000depending on the company, location, and specifics of the positionin which the individual holds in their business.

How much does an operation manager earn?

The amount of money that an operation manager can make per yeardepends on the level of education a person has. A person who has aMasters in Business Administration can earn up to $89,000.

How much does Alex Rodriguez earn?

During his playing career with the New York Yankees with theexception of endorsements he has made over $20 million dollars withthe exception of 2014. The Yankees have paid him $33 million in2009 and 2010, $32 million in 2011, $29 million in 2012, $28million in 2013, $22 million in 2015 and $21 milli ( Full Answer )

How much did workers earn in 1900?

They lived on an average of 490 dollars a year. Some made more orless depending on what kind of job they had.

How much does a nurse administrator earn?

A nurse administrator's salary can vary from state to state.However, the average for the salary for a nurse administrator is$72,000 per year.

Who was Emile Zola?

Emile Zola was a French journalist and novelist known for his series of 20 novels called Les Rougon-Macquart.

Who is the heroine- Zola?

Janet Zola is the Health Prevention Specialist from the SF Dept. of Public Health, She received an Individual Heroine Award for her work on the Steering Committee

How much does a Geo Tracker weight?

The Geo Tracker weighs about 2238 pounds and can pull about onethousand pounds. It has a wheel base of 86 inches.

How much will you earn after tax if you earn 14k?

You must be aware that not everybody pays the same rate of income tax. Do you have dependents? Medical expenses? Work expenses? Capital gains? And so on and so forth. Tax is complicated, that's why some people go to H. & R. Block to have their taxes done.

How much Ireland earn in a year?

As of 2010, the Republic of Ireland maked a nominal GDP of $204.261 billion. ($204,261,000,000).

How much do football coaches earn?

The salary of football coaches varies depending on the level of theathletes they coach. For example, high school football coaches makemaybe several thousand dollars per season. On the other hand,coaches of professional football teams make several millions ofdollars per season.

How much does IT person earn?

Depends on what type of employer you're talking about, where the position is located, what type of education and certification you hold, and how much experience you have. Be more specific.

How much is Geo byte?

If referring to byte size, there is no such thing. "Gigabyte" is the closest to this spelling and is 1,024 megabytes.

How much do firemen earn in Australia?

The salary of a fireman in Australia will vary while they gothrough training and then complete training. Once they havecompleted training, they can expect to earn roughly $49,228 peryear.

How much can a ROTC earn in college?

Depends on what you do as your job after class. You might still be working as waiter or whatever. An ROTC cadet who is assigned to a Reserve or National Guard unit for a monthly UTA will be paid the equivalent of a Sergeant during those UTAs, but you don't actually get paid for being an ROTC cadet.

How much does Gucci earn?

Gucci mane aka Gucci gyoup is worth approximately 17million dollars as of up to this point

How much does jonny depp earn?

About two to three million a year but it all depends on how many movies comr out with him in it if so it's around six or seven million a year.

How much does Russia earn from its exports?

That would be very hard to ever work out as the government of that country is caught in a bog of corruption that plays the game very secretively.

How much does a deloitte partner earn?

Deoitte partners salaries depend on a number of factors. Each partner receives an increasing equity stake each year they serve as a partner. This equity stake, plus the overall performance of the firm dictate how much they make. Typically, this is between $250,000 for new partners and $1,000,000 for ( Full Answer )

How much does a curry's manager earn?

An assistant manager at a Currys/PC World store has a salary of£24,000. Store managers earn up to £35,000 + Benefits.

How much does mariga earn?

Well....much more than most kenyans. he earns a cool 1.3 m pounds, highest payed east African player

How much much does a waiter earn?

The wages a server earns depends on the type of restaurant or hotelthey work at, how well they do their jobs, how busy theestablishment is, their attitude toward their job and customers,and other factors; even the station they work on a given night canmake a huge difference in what they earn on a gi ( Full Answer )

How much do you need to earn to get earn income?

The earned income credit is really too complicated to explain in detail here. You should go to the IRS website, download the instructions, and go through the worksheets. Basically, if you graphed it, it would look like a small hill: the unearned income credit increases based on how much income you ( Full Answer )

How much is a Geo Metro?

If you're talking price wise a used in okay shape Metro will run you $700 - $1200. One in excellent shape can go up to $3000. They're in high demand because of great mpg right now.