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How much does it cost to adopt?


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Free as long as it's my mom adopting Cody


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it depends where you adopt them

the normal amount that it would cost to adopt anyones son

Not as much as it cost to adopt a dog.It will depend on what type of kitten. There are some pretty expensive cats out there.An average kitten will cost about 15-30 dollars.

Varies. Usually just the cost of the shots and the fixing.

They cost about $30 but it is half if you try to adopt a Guinea Pig.

it can cost up to 5,000 to 30,000 or maybe a little higher.

According to my calculations, it would cost about 1.9 billion dollars.

Sorry, What do you mean? It does not cost to adopt a child, you cannot buy them!

It depends on where you adopt it, if it's about to be put down it usually does not cost

it depends if you adopt it or buy it i bought a mini schnauzer and it cost 700 dollars

Prices for all items vary by city and state, no matter what store you are referring to, or what item. In order to find out how much the "adopt me" stickets cost, you will need to call a local store.

worthless because you can't buy one. But you can adopt one.

It depends on what kind from free to $60. You can adopt them for about $35-$40.

To adopt at the new york city ASPCA it is only 50$

Adopting a baby internationally roughly costs 20-25k. Half of this cost includes transportation to that county.

100000 dollars dot including the room decs. No, so not true! Its does NOT cost 100,000 dollars to adopt! It can cost as little as 5,000 dollars! Adopting a child will cost 5,000 to 30,000 dollars (doesn't include the basics such as feeding them, giving them water, clothes, etc.) If you want to adopt a child who is currently in a different country, then it will cost a couple thousand dollars more. Adopting is a great idea! I suggest a fundraiser to help get the money!

First you spelled cost wrong. Second you shouldn't buy one. ADOPT ADOPT ADOPT! You only need to pay a small adoption fee instead of a large backyard breeders cost. And they could have a few problems you won't know about until later when you take them to the vet.

As long as you adopt from a rescue, shelter, or pound, the cost is minimal.

Polar bears are not pets like cats and dogs, thus the question has no merit.

Actually, it is priceless adopting a dolphin, but sometimes people just make it possible.

It depends if it is a pure breed or a mut. It also depends if the dog is healthy or in good shape.

Why buy when you can adopt? Adopting is free, and rabbits up for adoption are more in need of your care than pet-shop rabbits. But when you adopt, remember, that your care has to be proper care!

Getting a pet from a shelter varies very much in cost so the best thing you can do is to find a shelter and first ask if they have a Leonberger up for adoption and then how much it would cost. If you want to adopt a dog you are making it harder for yourself by specifying the breed. The shelters are full of dogs but some breeds are are. If you are dead set on getting that breed you would have more luck in contacting a breeder and buy a puppy from start. That cost more of course.

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