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How much does it cost to adopt a dog from the Lincoln Humane Society?


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from any where to a $100 to $200 dollars.

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all humane society prices are the same...75 dollars which includes spay/neutering and 1 shots

I live in Rochester, NY. I can tell you that here you can get it done for about $200. if you adopt from the humane society, it should be free...just the cost of the bunny (i got mine for $30)

It cost around 200 and high Usually you pay a fee for the shots, spaying or neutering, and the animal is yours. This can vary from 25 dollars up to about 250, depending on the society.

If you check with your local Humane Society they can give you information on this.

The fee for adoption depends on which shelter or humane society you visit. I have seen dogs available for anywhere from $50-$300. The only way to know for certain is to contact the specific shelter that you're interested in adopting from.

Spaying a cat can cost $150 to $200, because it does require general anesthetic. It is a fairly major operation.Vaccination typically can run about $30 - $50.Prices will vary depending on where you live. There are discount vets who will work for less; sometimes a humane society will be able to help out with funds; and if you adopt from a humane society, the adoption fee generally includes vaccinations and a hefty discount on the spay or neuter charges.

It depends on who you buy it from. A pet store will usually sell young rabbits (kits) for $30-$60. A rabbit breeder will usually negotiate deals. And finally, an animal shelter or humane society will let you adopt rabbits from around $20-$50.

usually 10 dollars to 25 dollars. Its best to get a rescued pig from your local humane society

It depends on where you adopt it, if it's about to be put down it usually does not cost

it depends where you adopt them

Try walking around your neighborhood. You can probably find a stray for free. Or check your local humane society. Probably around $40.

The cost to micro chip two teacup Yorkies in MI would be around $90.00. However, the MI humane society hosts low cost microchipping clinics that would make the cost less.

The answer to this is going to vary from shelter to shelter. The cost usually includes neutering, which makes it quite a deal. Costs in the Midwest usually range from $40 to $100. If you can take an adult cat, instead of a kitten, a lot of shelters offer them for less, and even free periodically during the year. Some also give a deal if you take two kittens.

the normal amount that it would cost to adopt anyones son

Yes, many local humane societies and rescue organizations provide services such as reduced cost spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations. The exact nature of the service and the discount varies by organization, though. Please be aware that I am referring to your local humane society; the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) spends less than 1% of the donations it receives to help provide these types of services.

Prices will vary from one vet to another, of course; but spaying is a major operation, and so likely will generally cost around $150 - $300. The local humane society may be able to help out if you are in need of financial assistance, and adoptions from the local humane society may include a certificate good for spay or neuter as well.

mine cost $450 in 2006. This varies a lot though. You can probably get an older one from the pound for much less. Well I got mine at the Humane Society for $100 and he was a pure bred.

Vets charges for the services that are provided. The cost to get a rabbits teeth clipped can range from $10 at a Humane society to $60+ at a private vet office.

You can try asking at the local humane society or animal shelter - sometimes there is a veterinarian on staff or who volunteers there that offers low cost care. There are also a number of animal rescue groups and humane organizations that will offer some low cost or free vet care to animals. I would start by opening the phone book (or search online) for animal rescue groups and see where you get from there.

Try your local animal shelter, humane society, or Yorkie rescue....there are plenty (far too many!) animals waiting to be adopted, usually at a relatively low cost.

As long as you adopt from a rescue, shelter, or pound, the cost is minimal.

Not as much as it cost to adopt a dog.It will depend on what type of kitten. There are some pretty expensive cats out there.An average kitten will cost about 15-30 dollars.

Have the dog examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible. If affording a vet is a problem, contact your local animal shelter or Humane Society, to see if there is a reduced cost animal clinic in your area.

Check your local Humane Society or animal shelter and advise them you are looking for a fox terrier. You may have to pay a small adoption fee but the cost will still be less than buying from a breeder.

In my local area we have more than ten pit bulls at the Humane Society right now and they cost anywhere from $140 to $275 depending on age, if they don't get adopted they might get euthenized.

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