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How much does it cost to get a license to sell life insurance in the state of Georgia?


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The cost to get a license to sell life insurance in Georgia is $50.00 just for the license. There is also a $15.00 application fee that must be made prior to taking the exam.


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The cost of a Viatical Settlement Provider License in IL, as of February 2010, is $3,000 however; you must first obtain a life insurance license from the state of Illinois. If Illinois in not your resident state, you must hold a life insurance license in your resident state before applying for a nonresident life insurance license in Illinois.

You have to have two licenses, a local city/county license and a state license. The state license is only $50 for beer, $50 for wine. The local license cost is usually much more, but varies depending on which city/county. You'd have to contact that city/county office directly to find out the cost.

The car insurance company called Progressive will give you a free quote on your insurance and also give you competitor's insurance quotes. The cost is free and you will get several companies that operate within the state of Georgia.

It depends on the state you live in and there requirements. I had to take a state insurance exam, pass that, then apply for the license through the state licensing department. Its a fairly simple process once you pass the test. It could cost upwards around $300 for the whole process.

You need both a city license and a state license. The city license is relatively easy to get but depending on which city in Georgia you are in, can cost up to $5000 per year. The state license which is more difficult to obtain due to the amount of paper work and background checks costs $300 for a new application then $200 per year renewal and is issued by the Georgia Department of Revenue. You have to have the city license first before the state will approve their license. If you are applying for just a beer and wine license you have to be completely approved and finished with the city before you can even apply for the state. If you are applying for beer, wine, and liquor, you can apply for the city and the state simultaneously (but the state won't approve you until the city does).

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How much do liquor liscense cost in the state of michigan

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$400 cost through the State of Oregon, along with server license of $25 each.

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It costs about $30 as of January 28th 2009

Depends on the state you live in.

Depends on the state you live in.

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It depends on a lot of things from how long you live in the state to if you are an American citizen. Go to this site to find out:

Contact the State Department of Licensing and they will be able to give you both the qualifications and costs of this license.

It will cost nothing, until he/she get the actual license

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