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How much does it cost to go to Harvard University?

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2017-12-02 18:40:47


This all depends on whether you are currently a resident of that

state and/or country. Also depends on what type of course you are

taking and how long you are taking it and what you taking like law

medical and stuff like that.


This depends on your financial aid needs. The total cost of

attendance for 2010-11, which includes tuition, health service fee,

student services fee, and room and board is $50,724. This excludes

any personal expenses and travel costs. Students with parents whose

income is less than $60,000 are not expected by Harvard to pay

tuition A parent whose income is between $60,000 and $180,000 is

expected to contribute an average 10% of their income.

As taken from Harvard's website, the yearly estimation is:

Tuition $31,456 Health Services Fee $1,426 Student Services Fee

$2,116 Room $5,856 Board $4,766 Subtotal - billed costs $45,620

Estimated Personal Expenses $2,930 Estimated Travel Costs $0 -

$2,400 Total billed and unbilled costs $48,550 - $50,950

it depends on the classes you take but it's usually around 40,000


Google their website and it should give you all the information you


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