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It really depends on the installer. In most cases, for a 50 x 100 lot, you will be charged $85 plus installation.

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Q: How much does it cost to install a sprinkler system on a 50 x 100 lot?
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How much does a wet pipe sprinkler system cost?

about 500

How much does it cost, in general, to have a yard sprinkler system install on a 10,000 square foot lot?

You can expect a professionally installed system using high quality parts to cost from $1500 to $2500 per 2500 square foot. So it would be about $10,000

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What is the difference between deluge and other fire sprinkler systems?

In a deluge system the water comes out of all sprinkler heads at once, compared with most fire sprinkler systems in which each sprinkler head has its own heat-sensitive trigger. There are major design differences in how much water you need for a deluge system and what safety interlocks are built into the system to prevent accidental water damage.

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What is the price for a sprinkler system and how much is it to be installed?

Around $2-5000 depending on the size of your yard.