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1 dollar to 15 dollars depending on were it is made and the quality of shoe.

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How much does it cost to make Nike shoes in china?

It cost from 5-7 dollars to make a pair of Nike shoes

How much do Nike Trainer shoes cost?

Nike trainer shoes cost $89 and above. One can purchase Nike trainer shoes from online retailers like eBay, Amazon, Eastbay or from official Nike website.

Free shoes cost how much?

Nike free run shoes cost about $65 to $75.

How much do nike shoes cost in Saudi Arabia?


How much cost zayn the nike shoes in la?


How much do Nike shox running shoes typically cost at retail price?

Nike Shox running shoes vary in cost depending on what size you get. Baby Nike Shox cost around $50, youth's cost around $73, and Men's Nike Shox cost about $120.

How much do the Nike Blazer shoes cost?

The price of Nike Blazer shoes varies. The cost can start from around $20 for children's shoes and $70 for sneakers. There are outlets that do give discounts for bulk buying.

Where do they sell hello kitty Nike nerd shoes and how much do they cost?

how many does it cost to get nicks shoes of hello kitty

How much does it cost to make Nike shirt?

How much does it cost to make a Nike shirt

How much did Nike shoes cost in 2000?

about $50-$70, for a pair of nike basketball shoes, now they range from $80 at the low and $240 at the high.

How much do Nike Air Max LTD Shoes cost?

nike air max LTD shoes cost 95 dollars bc there kinda new!Glad i could help:)

How much did the nike shoes cost in 1971?

nothing, because they weren't made!

How much do nike blazer shoes cost?

the price range is from $49.99 to $69.99.

How much is Nike basketball shoes?

Nike Elite BasketBall shoes are $150.000

How much does the Nike 6.0 Air Morgan 8 cost and where can I purchase it online?

The Nike 6.0 Morgan Air 8 shoes cost $70.00. You can purchase them from

How much does Anodyne cost?

Nike Anodyne shoes generally cost about sixty dollars. Some styles might be a little more expensive. Nike Anodyne shoes are available at most shoe stores and athletic stores.

What shoes cost more Nike or Adidas?

Nike is more expensive, since the sneakers are made from certain celebrities, they make the designs, etc.

Do nike accidentally make fake shoes?

No, the Nike company does not accidentally make fake shoes. Every show that the company makes is a Nike branded shoe.

What website to make your own Nike shoes?

How much does it cost for a Nike jogging suit at the Sports Authority?

A Nike jogging suit that would consist of shorts, shoes, shirt, and a head band could cost between 60-120 American dollars depending on what type of shoes you buy.

How much do the new Nike cost I would like a new pair .?

The prices vary for nike pegasus shoes but for a men's pair of nike pegasus shoes, the average price is right around $90. There can be sales or different specials but that is the average price.

Can one wear Nike Cortez shoes in California?

Nike Cortez shoes can be worn in California. It is advisable, that one does not brag about the cost of the shoes, or get irate if anything happens to them.

How much does it cost to have a pair of Nike Air Force 1 shoes made at Nike Sportswear?

usually about 100usd,but you can buy the discount one:

Who sold more shoes in 08 Nike or Adidas?

Adidas because it has much more comfortable shoes then Nike.

How much does a pair of Nike Airmax shoes cost?

There are many websites and stores which sell Nike Airmax. Even though some are more expensive, and some are cheaper, the average cost for a pair of Nike Airmax would be around $100.

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