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$1500-$2000 to suck it

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โˆ™ 2008-04-30 18:19:36
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Q: How much does it cost to repair the speedometer when it stops working on a Dodge Ram 1500 Sport Quad Cab 1998?
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How do you repair a speedometer that does not work at all on a 2002 jeep liberty sport?

If the speedometer and odometer are not working it may be a faulty VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) located on the tail end of the transmission. If only the speedometer is not working it is probably in the cluster and would require replacing the cluster as one unit with a new, rebuilt or used cluster.

What causes a speedometer not to work in a Cherokee sport. I replaced the speed sensor and speedometer.?

Is the TCM working normally and throwing no codes?

How do you repair a broken speedometer on a 65 Plymouth sport fury 3?

if it's the speedometer cable you just unhook the cable from in back of the speedometer head in the dash by unscrewing it and taking it off and on the transmission it also unscrews and then just pull the complete cable out and replace with a new cable.

How do you replace radio 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport?

I owe a 2001 doged caravan sport my radio is not working properly after changed the altarnator

How do you change the brakes on a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport?

i replace my rear brake shoes on 2001 dodge grand caravan and my emergency brake is still not working

What would cause the radio on 1997 Dodge Caravan Sport to quit working?

It is most likely the fuse. Try replacing it.

How do you remove the radio in a 2001 dodge caravan sport sport?

Go to the dodge place and ask THEM to remove it

What is the difference between a regular Dodge Ram and a Dodge Ram sport?

The sport has painted bumpers instead of chrome.

What causes the sport mode light to blink the speedometer to stop working and loss of power all at the same time on a 1991 Honda Accord EX?

In my experience that is a failure of the alternator or something connected to it.

Where can I get a 1995 Dodge Dakota Sport Owners Manual?

Where can I get a free copy of a 1995 Dodge Dakota Sport Owners Manual

Is dodge ball even a form of sport?

If Golf is considered a sport, then why not this?

Is the frame of a dodge 1500 sport the same as a dodge 1500?


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