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one can get the accurate answer by sending a text message from his/her mobile phone (from Ireland to Bulgaria), later ask the mobile operator for the cost.

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Is the Republic of Ireland bigger than Romania?

No, the Republic of Ireland is much smaller than Romania.

What is the largest country in Ireland?

The Republic of Ireland is much larger than Northern Ireland.

How much would a candy bar cost in the Dominican Republic?

how much does candies cost in the dominion republic

What does the republic of Ireland import?

pretty much everything! (its an island)

How much does it cost to send a letter from Irish republic to the US?

At the time of answering, December 2013, it is €0.90 to send a letter from Ireland to the USA.

How much does it cost to fly a deceased body from UK to Ireland?

How much does it cost fly a deceased body back to Ireland for burial

How much for a letter to Ireland?

what does a ordinary stamp cost to souther Ireland

Is the Republic of Ireland bigger than Wales?

Yes. The Republic of Ireland is about 70,273 square kilometres. Wales is about 20,779 square kilometres or 8,022 square miles. So Ireland is much bigger.

How much would is cost to move to Ireland from the US?

About $50,000 depending on when and where in ireland

How much Ireland earn in a year?

As of 2010, the Republic of Ireland maked a nominal GDP of $204.261 billion. ($204,261,000,000).

How much does it cost to take a plane to Bulgaria?

It depends on where you're flying from. A plane trip from Chile to Bulgaria would be much more expensive than a trip from Germany.

How much does a trip to Ireland cost?

It depends where you depart from. A plane ticket from the UK to Ireland costs much less than a ticket from Australia to Ireland.

How much do things cost in Bulgaria?

A little cheaper than average EU prices

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