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how much does it cost to switch your phone service from sprint to metro pcs

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Q: How much does it cost to switch your phone service from sprint to metro pcs?
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Do you have to have a sprint phone to have sprint service?

Yes, but you can also have a Motorola phone but yes in order to have sprint service you need a sprint phone

Do you have to have sprint service to have a sprint phone?


Can you use a sprint phone for metro pcs?

Yes you can

Can you flash a phone from sprint to metro pcs?


Where does my sprint mobile phone get service?

For every phone there is a cellphone tower that is giving service for the cellphone provider that you payed for. If you bought your phone at Sprint then it is probably getting service from Sprint.

How much is it to flash a phone to metro?

Sprint phones can be switched to Metro PCS for $50.00

Can you connect an i -phone with metro pcs?

can i connect an i phone to a metro service?

If i flash my sprint phone to metro pcs will i still be able to use it with sprint if i decide to go back to sprint?

yes because its a sprit phone.

You have Sprint service can a nextel i850 cell phone be activated by Sprint?

you will have to switch networks, you will be on the nextel side rather than sprint, whose networks are not compatibal with each other

When contract expires with sprint can i switch to metro pcs and keep my same phone number?

yes you can! just ask any metro pcs sales person and they will kindly complete the transaction for you!

How do you get sprint service if you already have a sprint phone?

you call sprint and you make a contract with them

Could you buy a t-mobile phone and switch it to Sprint service?

Generally speaking, one cannot switch a T-Mobile phone to the Sprint network. This is because T-Mobile uses the GSM standard, while Sprint uses the CDMA standard, the two of which are not compatible.

What does it mean when a sprint phone flashes to metro?

Time to change company

Can you flash a sprint centro palm to metro pcs?

Yes, Metro PCS allows you to flash this phone.

How much if you change your phone in metro to a different phone in metro?

the cost is the price of the phone you eanna switch too

How do you contact Sprint Cell Phone Service?

with another phone]

Can you switch your sprint phone to virgin?

I think u can

Does walmart carry sprint phone service?


Can you use a boost mobile phone on sprint service account?

According to Sprint customer service you can not use Boost phones with a Sprint service account.

What is sprint phone service?

"Sprint is a major wireless and landline service provider in the United States. They offer home phone service, wireless phones, and internet services."

How much is Sprint home phone service?

The Sprint home phone service costs $19.99 per month and Sprint currently offer 3 months of service for free. This package includes unlimited anytime minutes.

How do you update the service area on a sprint phone?


What phone service has CDMA?

Verizon Wireless and Sprint

Is sprint a good cell phone service?

no its bad

How can you unlock a metro Android phone?

You don't "UNLOCK" that kind of phone,what you might want to do is flash it to another company. In this case you are already at the bottom company because usually phones from sprint get flashed to Metro but never the other way around because sprint will not have a clean ESN on the phone coming from metro.