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Q: How do you unlock metro pcs phones?
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Metro pcs unlock code?

Metropcs phones run on CDMA technology and right now, there is no unlocking solution for CDMA-based phones, only for GSM phones.

Can sprint phones switch to metro?

Sprint phones can be switched to Metro PCS for $50.00

Where do you get cell phones?

we get cell phones at stores such as; metro PCs,target,walmart,and great malls.mostly people get their phones at metro PCs. some cell phones are really smart and cost a lot of money. that's were we get our cell phones at.

How much is it to flash a phone to metro?

Sprint phones can be switched to Metro PCS for $50.00

What phones can you use with metro pcs?

can i connect an i phone to a metro service?

Can you transfer a t mobile phones to a metro pcs phones?

No, you cannot transfer (or in metro pcs case "flash") a t mobile phone. You can only transfer special phones. In which they are called CDMA phones. these phones do not run on a external sim card. They have a internal sim card inside them. You can use Sprint, Verizon, and Metro pcs phones only. All you do is buy a no contract Sprint or Verizon phone, go to metro and flash the phone. this process takes a little while and a bit pricey it is 40 dollars. Well, in California its 40. you can get these phones from dealers, friends, and i got my Samsung instinct which i use with metro pcs from e bay.

Is metro pcs a part of sprint?

sprint is better...they r faster and more reliable

Can you buy a non Metro PCS phone and use it with Metro PCS?

Yes, but check to make sure it'll work. Some phones will & some won't.

How do you unlock my metro pcs phone forgot pass code it is a m750?

You will need to call Metro PCS customer service. The customer service representative will identify you as the owner. The representative can unlock the phone electronically.

How do you unlock metro pcs lg connect 4g?

A person can unlock the My CoolPad 4G through Metro PCS by rooting the phone. This is done by downloading an HBOOT file, syncing the phone to the computer, and by turning on USB debugging.

What touch screen phones don't need a data plan?

Metro pcs

Free wallpapers for metro pcs phones?

you cant ive been trying