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How much does it hurt after say a match with the great khali?

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really bad

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How much can wwe's Kane lift?

Kane lifted The Great Khali and khali weighs 408 lbs

How much the great khali make per month?

khali earns around 100 crore per fight......

How much is the great khali contract worth?

100 crores

How much is the great khali salary?

5 million a year for 6 year......

How much does Khali weigh?

Khali weighs "420 lbs.

How much can the Great Khali bench?

The Great Khali can bench press about six hundred pounds. There is some rumor that this number is actually six hundred and sixty pounds, even as high as eight hundred. The Great Khali though never competed in any weight lifting competitions, thus hard numbers are scarce.

How much can the great khali lift?

The Great Khali has been recorded bench pressing 628 pounds for 5 sets. Other stats include squatting 660 pounds and shoulder pressing 350 pounds.

How much does the great khali weigh?

He weighs 420 pounds and stands at or just over 7 feet tall

How much can Nathan Jones and the Great Khali deadlift bench press and squat?

great khali can sq 660 pounds en schoulderpress 350. ik think Jones sq en dl over 800 pounds en bench over 500

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What is the average height for wrestlers in the WWE?

It is around 6 feet. Actually height is not a criterion for wrestlers. People like Rey Mysterio and Shawn Micheals are much shorter than the giants like Big show or Great Khali. Still they are very successful.

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