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John Cena weighs 251lbs.

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How much does john cena really weigh in kg?

Wikipedia says 110kg

How much does John Cena weigh?

John Cena weighs approximately 251 pounds.249

How much does hhh john cena hbk weigh?

All together They weigh 720lb. shawn michaels - 225lb john cena - 240 triple h - 255

Who is stronger John Cena or batista?

john cena is much stronger than batista

Who is stronger John Cena or the rock?

John Cena is much stronger than The Rock

How much does John Cena earn?

The amount that John Cena earns depends on his status in the company.

Who did win between john cena and the miz?

John Cena. Hes a much bigger superstar.

How much time Randy Orton beat john cena?

how many time john cena beat randy orton i love to randy freind with john cena

Is edge and john cena friends?

John Cena and Edge have a working relationship, but not much more. They don't have that much of a problem with each other

How much can John Cena lift?


How much money does John Cena have?


How much can John Cena squat?


Why doesn't John Cena like his mom?

Cena loves his mother very much!

Who Is Better John Cena Or JBL?

John Cena is so much better and cutter than dumb old JBL.

How much does john Morrison weigh?

I really think morrison weighs 215 pounds

Will randy ortan beat john cena?

nope randy already lost at bragging rights to cenaso pretty muchTHE CHAMP IS HERE __JOHN CENA

Who is stronger John Cena or undertaker?

Surely you would say Undertaker, but considering how much they work out and how big they are, (in muscle) John Cena would be much stronger.

Who makes more money in Wwe?

It dependz on how much fanz does a superstar have. Like John Cena and Randy Orton.

Did WWE jbl kill john cena?

Why would you think that?? No Cena is very much alive

How much can john cena bench?

400 lbs.

How much is the john cena CD?

$ 9.34 at walmart

How much do you way john cena?

x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxm

How much muscle does john Cena have?

Quite alot.

How much can John Cena bench press?


Is The Rock jealous of john cena?

hell yes john cena is better than the rock and way stronger boy are you ever wrong. Dwayne Johnson is not jealous of anyone!! Much less John Cena!! Get real.