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Q: How much does one container of 12 feets to Miami from montevideo Uruguay?
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How many feets are in 157 centimeters?

5.15 feets

How many feets goes in one yard?

three feets

How do you convert 426 meters to feets as in elevation?

1 meter = 3.28084 feets (rounded) . . 426 meters = 1,397.6 feets (rounded)

How many concret block in 10 feets by10 feets?

10x10=100 ft

How many feets are 157 cm?

157 centimeters is 5.15 feet.

How long is 2 feets?

2 feet (not feets) is 60.96 centimetres.

How many feets are a yard?

1 yard are 3 feets

How many maters in 50 feets?

50 feet (not feets) equal 15.24 metres (not maters).

How many feets are in 103 yards?

1 yard = 3 feets103 yards = (103 x 3) = 309 feets

How many sq feets to one meter?

square feet (not feets) measure area, metres measure length. They are not comparable.

How many feets are in a yard?


Why is the need of the shoe?

Is for protection of the feets !!