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How much does one cubic inch of water weigh?


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1 US gallon of water weighs 8.33 pounds at 60 degrees F. There are 231 cubic inches of water per gallon, so 8.33 pounds divided by 231 = .03606--> pounds per cubic inch.


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A cubic inch of titanium weighs 0.163 pounds.

0.0014 to 0.0015 pound weight per cubic inch.

Weight per cubic inch is: .307

About 0.42 ounces. Specific gravity (compared to water) about 0.73

1 cubic inch of platinum = 351,5 g 1 cubic centimeter of platinum = 21,45 g

The density of thallium is 11.85 gm/cc, or 11.85 times the density of water.After some massaging, that converts to 6.847 ounces per cubic inch.

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Gray cast iron is around 118 grams per cubic inch.

The square inch is a unit of area. The cubic inch is a unit of volume; a cubic inch of uranium has a mass of approx. 312,2 grams.

The density of ununoctium is not known.

It depends on the amount of aluminum.

taking the normal density of water as 1g/cc, the amount of water in 1 cubic inch would be 16.387064 grams. Addition about 1 cubic inch.

30 cubic feet of water weigh roughly 1,875 pounds.

There need not be any water. 1 cubic inch = 0.0164 litres, approx.

Density of uranium: 19,1 g/cm3 1 cubic inch = 16,38706 cm3 The mass of 1 cubic inch of uranium is 313 g.

1 cubic cm of water weighs 1 gram.

Of course, different brasses and forms can vary, but at a specific gravity of about 8.5, a cubic inch of brass would weigh about 5 ounces (or just under a third of a pound).

4.36 US gallons of water.

One cubic centimeter of water would fit into that cup, and it would weigh 1 gram.

2.5 cubic feet of water weighs about: 156 pounds.

once cubic inch of plutonuim is about 715 pounds 1 cubic inch = 16,387 06 cm2 Density of plutonium: 19,816 g/cm3 The weight of 1 cubic inch of plutonium = density x volume = 324,726 grams

12*45*59 cubic inches = 31,860 cubic inches

More info needed. How much does 0.4 cubic feet of what weigh? Air? Lead? Water? Dirt?

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