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This questions depends on which store and what date -- prices change over time.

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Depends which pick axe it is.

Yes, the word dozen is both a noun and an adjective. Example uses: Noun: These are sold by the dozen. Adjective: Pick up a dozen oranges on your way home.

It depends on where you're shopping, what brand you pick and what size box you pick.

It depends what earring you pick. Mines cost 45$

pick one out of your pubic hair

You get pick of the litter or the cost of what one of the puppies go for

About £2.00 for a pack of five 100 in a pack

It depends on what tree service you pick and where you live.

It depends on the salon you go to. Pick a salon and ask how much they charge.

79 apples is the same as six dozen and seven apples. I don't know how many she has.

You can pick up a pair for $180.

Now you can pick them up for like $20

in Canada you can pick one up brand new for about $145,000

Whatever the terms of the impound lot is.

Around $15-$40 Depending on what posts you pick.

before the gold rush, a pick cost about two or three dollars, but after the gold rush the price was raised to six dollars

The pic-axe's where usually around $30.

have you checked your local salvage or pick and pull?

go to the godfather then scroll down and you pick how much you want but it cost real life money

Can pick them up for one Pound or a Bit over at Asda. Chosen by you range

There is a place called Schwan's which delivers groceries right to your door. They have a website where you can pick out what you want.

The cost of a second-hand pick up truck will depend on many different factors. Some of these factors are: the age of the vehicle, the condition of the vehicle and how many miles it has been driven. Some used trucks cost almost as much as a new one if they are fully loaded and relatively new.