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Q: How much does pasta sauce cost?
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How much pasta sauce for 15 pounds of pasta?

about 7 pounds of sauce. about 1/2 lb of sauce per 1 lb pasta

Four boxes of pasta and one jar of tomato sauce cost 7.63 Three boxes of pasta and two jars of tomato sauce cost 8.81 What is the cost of one box of pasta What is the cost of one box of tomato?

A box of pasta is 1.29, a jar of tomato is 2.47.

How much sauce for 15 pounds of pasta?

15 lbs of pasta...

What to do when Too much salt in pasta sauce?

you cook a new sauce unfortunately

How much pasta sauce do you use when you cook pasta?

It depends on what kind of pasta you're inquiring about but for spaghetti : one fistful of pasta when it's dry will require about 1 cup of sauce.

How much caffeine is in pasta?

I don't believe there is ANY caffeine in pasta, but there may be in the sauce.

How much sauce can be added to 1 kilo pasta?

I would add 500gm. of sauce.

Where was pasta sauce invented?

pasta sauce was made by the Italy people (almost all pasta sauce) but the Chinese people found yummy pasta

How much pasta sauce for 1 pound dry pasta?

About 1 1/2 cups.

Too much wine in pasta sauce what will cut it?

No such thing!

Which should finish cooking firsts pasta or Pasta sauce?

the pasta sauce should be cooked first

Why does tomato sauce stick to pasta?

it sticks because of the fiber in the sauceTomato sauce sticks to pasta as pasta is absorbent and the sauce soaks into the noodles.

Is pasta and tomato sauce mixture?

Yes, pasta and tomato sauce is a mixture.

Name a pasta sauce beginning with an A?

Alfredo is a pasta sauce beginning with the letter A.

Where does tomato pasta sauce come from?

Tomato pasta sauce comes from Tomato's.

Why put pasta in to the sauce?

the reason u put pasta into sauce cause that's how u make the pasta

What food group is Pasta with meat sauce?

Pasta = Carbohydrates Meet sauce = proteins

How do you cook raw pasta in oven?

The only way you can cook raw pasta in a oven is by layering the pasta with a sauce, like a meat sauce or white sauce.

How much pasta sauce for 160 ounce of pasta?

I can of 28 oz. tomatoes will usually get you through a pound of pasta. Sometimes you will have a little leftover.

What is vegetable pasta?

vetable pasta is pasta cooked in a vegatable sauce.

How much does penne pasta cost?


What is difference between pasta sauce and spaghetti sauce?

Spaghetti is a type of pasta, so there is no difference.

Why is pasta sauce?

because it is mostly covered in sauce

Can you freeze pasta with meat sauce?

Answer:Yes, you can. As soon as your pasta is cooked, add the sauce and close the pot, to keep the pasta wet. Wait until the pasta is quite cold and freeze it. To unfreeze it: a hot plate and a bit of olive oil is much better than a microwave oven.Answer:The best way to freeze pasta is cooking it less, then freeze the pasta and sauce seperately.

Can you bake pasta using normal pasta sauce rather than a special baking pasta sauce?

Yes, pasta can be baked in a sauce that is not specifically for baking pasta, in fact it can be baked in any creamy or tomato based sauce, it just depends on what flavour and texture you want. Be careful that a dryer sauce does not burn or dry out too quickly.