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How much does psp-raw vs smackdown 2012 cost?


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2012-03-20 18:18:31
2012-03-20 18:18:31

There is no SvR 2012 at all!


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The first Smackdown! vs. Raw video game costs $4.00.

Smackdown! vs. Raw is not avalible for the Xbox 360.

The first Smackdown! vs. Raw video game costs $4.00.

it depends what console it is

In dollars, Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 would cost $60.00. In euros, it would be 41.12 Euros.

The PS3 DS and Xbox 360 games are all $19.96 on May 27 2012 online at

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 is $20 new at amazon on November 7 2011

i cost 22dollars and 23cents i know because i bought it

If by this you mean "How much will a Wii cost in 2012?" then probably about $100. If by this you mean "How much will a Wii U cost?" (Nintendo's 2012 console) the price has not been announced yet.

$59.99 or just say $60 bucks

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Smackdown vs Raw 2010 for Xbox 360 cost 20 dollars if you buy it from GameStop. However, you can find it for as low as 11 dollars online.

because is mcmachon show and he wants get money .planb

depends on the platform the 2011 PS3 and Xbox 360 were $60 the Wii $50 and PS2 & PSP $40 On Feb 4 2012 WWE 12 was PS3 $54.25 X360 $55.96 Wii $49.96 at amazon

Amazon has it for $47 and retail of $60

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who cares go buy it. im sure its not expensive, but it is a good game.

For PS4 and X-Box 360 it will cost $59.99! and for wii it will cost $49.99 and for PS2 it will be $49.99 as well! and finally for PSP it will be $39.99!

at walmart it costs $39.81 for playstation 2 at gamestop it cost 29.99 and in used form it costs 27.95

it cost about 30 to 37 dollars im planning on getting it myself it very good game

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