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70 US Dollars a gram. As of 2005 Source:

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How much does scandium cost per ounce?

20-30 US $, depending on quality.

How much protons in scandium?

scandium has 21 protons!

How much does one gram of scandium cost?

As a reagent, scandium pieces, distilled dendritic, purity 99,9 %, packaged under argon: 2 g for ca. 400 euro (Alfa Aesar catalog).

What elements of the periodic table can be combined with the element scandium?

Only a few elements can be chemically combined with scandium. Here are a few examples of chemical reactions involving Scandium;Scandium + Chlorine --> Scandium (III) ChlorideScandium + Nitrogen --> Scandium (III) NitrateScandium + Sulphur --> Scandium (III) SulphideScandium + Oxygen --> Scandium (III) Oxide

How much is the STX scandium Pro Grip Lacrosse shaft?

The STX Scandium Pro Grip is about $160-$170 or about $150.

What are 3 facts about scandium?

It is used in baseball bats, bicycle frames, and lacrosse sticks...Scandium is too expensive for widespread, it cost Two Hundred and Seventy for One gram of Scandium...Scandium is a silvery-white metallic element found in rare minerals...By: Alexia Saranda Moore I

What has a higher oxidation state scandium or calcium?

scandium scandium

What are the strength and weaknesses of scandium?

Scandium is a very rare and expensive element. Scandium, scandium alloys and scandium compounds has important applications in science and technology.

What are the elements of scandium?

Scandium is, itself, an element and so there are no elements of scandium.

Is scandium flammable?

Scandium is considered a flammable material. Scandium is considered as flammable.

What is made when scandium and chlorine combine?

Scandium chloride (or scandium trichloride), ScCl3

Why scandium salts are white?

For example scandium trichloride and scandium trifluoride are white.

What color is scandium?

what is the color of scandium?

What is the odor of scandium?

There is no odor of scandium

How does scandium coast?

Scandium does not coast.

How much does an STX scandium pro weigh?

5.7 ounces

What are facts about scandium?

scandium is not in rare mineralas

Valency of Scandium?

=scandium has a valency of +3=

When was scandium discovered?

Scandium was discovered in 1876

What is scandium matter?

Scandium is a solid metal.

The valency of scandium?

Scandium has a valency of +3.

What are the Chemical formulas of scandium?

Scandium is Sc.

What is scandium combined with?

Scandium is combined with cholreen

What level is scandium?

There is not a level associated with scandium.

What is a common name for scandium iodide?

Only Scandium iodide (or if you want scandium triiodide), ScI3.

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