Global Warming

How much does the average person contribute to global warming?



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First, there is not a consensus on global warming. While many want you to believe that global warming is about what they choose to call "greenhouse gasses", the reality is that in the history of the earth we are now about the COOLEST we have been. We are now exiting what is called a small ice age. If we go back far a million years, the earth has averaged quite a bit warmer than it is now. Is it rational to blame "global warming" on the fact that we burn gasoline and coal? Consider the fact that gasoline and coal were once organic material, growing. Plants gather the carbon dioxide in the air and extract the carbon which becomes the building material for the plants. Plants are almost 100% carbon that has been extracted from the air, so plants and animals that ended up making our gasoline and coal pulled their carbon out of the air. We're just putting some of it back. Remember that just because "the media" tells us something doesn't make it true. Some will tell us that all of the global warming is caused by carbon dioxide. Some will tell us that none of it is caused by the carbon dioxide. Perhaps the truth is somewhere between the two extremes, but everyone is telling us that the science is over, and we don't need to study it any more. Nothing could be further from the truth. Given the above, I would suggest that PERSONALLY, I don't think I'm at all responsible for global warming.