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Cheapest Auto InsuranceThe least expensive insurance is liability, but the cost depends on your credit score, claims history, driving record, where you live, the company you insure with, etc. Keep in mind, price is not everything. The cheapest may be the most expensive if you really need it.

The above being said, the cheapest auto insurance I've ever sold was for $19 per month, liability only, on a sedan and the insured was home addressed in a rural area

Tips to lower your car insurance cost - Ask for a higher deductable

- Buy homeowners insurance from the same company

- Ask for discounts! For example, if you don't use your car often you could qualify for low mileage discounts.

- Shop around

- Check if your state has a Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program

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In addition to the foregoing suggestion, consider this: Cheapest, in the sense of lowest cost, is not always the best, and may even end up being more expensive. One of the main things that you should consider in buying insurance is the quality of the claims service-that is, responsiveness, objective fairness in settling a claim and similar issues. It is not worth a bargain-basement premium if you cannot call upon the insurer when needed and get the claim handled promptly.

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Q: How much does the cheapest car insurance cost?
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How much is cheap car insurance in New Mexico?

The cheapest car insurance in New Mexico is liability only car insurance. This insurance can cost as little as $60 a month.

How much does the cheapest used car cost?

depends what car you buy my friend

What is the cheapest car insurance in the UK?

If you are trying to get the cheapest car insurance that you can, then you should go to the Q4 Insure website. They offer plenty of car insurance quotes for you to check out.

What is the cheapest car insurance you have paid?

The cheapest car insurance is call Cheapest car insurance. But cheaper is not always better and when it is going to help you with paying of damage i would spend more money to get better coverage.

Which Company Providing Cheapest Car Insurance In Georgia?

I would like to recommend Velox Insurance company. The average car insurance cost in Georgia is $1,388 per year, which is lower than the national average cost.

Where can I find cheap liability car insurance?

The cheapest car insurance is offered by Progressive.

Is car insurance expensive in Arizona?

The cost of your car insurance will depend on which area you live in. If it is far away from the city then it will not cost much.

How much is an no insurance ticket in Birmingham Alabama?

No car insurance ticket cost

Where can one compare the cheapest car insurance quotes?

Nationwide and Cheap Car Insurance Auto are two places an individual can visit to compare the cheapest car insurance quotes that is needed in his or her favor.

How much is car insurance per month?

what is the average cost of car insurance per month for an american

How much does it cost to purchase tescos car insurance?

The cost of Tesco car Insurance will depend on the insurance group of the car, the age and experience of the driver and the number of years no claims discount you have built up. With Tescos you also get money off if you are a Clubcard holder. The cheapest option available costs å£249 but cover can cost in excess of å£2000 if you are a young driver in an expensive car.

How much does a amp for a car speaker cost?

when I brought one it was about 20.00 for the cheapest

How can you budget your car insurance?

You can budget your car insurance by changing the coverage that you have on your car. Liability only insurance, or your state minimum is going to be the cheapest insurance but doesn't provide much coverage. As you add coverage the price goes up.

How much will it cost to insure a student driver in Texas?

Young people, including college students are typically looking for the cheapest auto insurance. State Farm combines low rates with discounts to provide cheap car insurance for young drivers. The Following factors affect the cost of car insurance for young drivers.

How much does car insurance in California cost?

Well it depends on your school grades, how old you are, what type of car you have, and where you get your insurance from.

Where can you find the cheapest car insurance in the UK?

The only way to find out which insurance is cheapest for you is to call several agencies and get quotes. Each one will probably have discounts for different things, and quotes don't cost anything.

How much does an Irish car insurance cost?

There are many different kinds of car insurance plans in Ireland that cost a variety of different amounts. Typically, car insurance is 1,000 euros in the country of Ireland.

Where can I find a list of cheap car insurance in Louisiana?

You can probably find some of the cheapest car insurance in Louisiana by checking with small car insurance providers in your local community. In many instances, they offer the cheapest rates.

How much is car insurance for an 08 bentleyin gieco if your car note is 2499?

Your car note has no bearing on the cost of your auto insurance policy.

Which state offers the cheapest car insurance?

Kansas, Montana, Wyoming, and Oklahoma are the states that offer the cheapest car insurance rates for their citizens due to the amount of their population.

Does the color of a car affect the cost of insurance?

No, the color of a car does not affect the cost of insurance.

What state has the cheapest car insurance rates?

With an average rate of just $902/year, Maine has the cheapest auto insurance rates.

Which provinces have cheapest car insurance?

I think it's PEI.

What is the cheapest basic car insurance?

The cheapest basic car insurance will vary from state to state, because all states have differing minimum car insurance requirements. Some good companies to check with for basic insurance are The General, Safe Auto, and Nationwide.

How much does a Kit Car Insurance quote cost?

The cost to obtain a Kit Car Insurance quote for a vehicle you built yourself is free. The insurance quotes will vary depending on the insurance company and the dependability of the vehicle.