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The most expensive Rolex non-diamond model is the men's Day-Date reference 218206 in solid platinum. It sells for right around $60,000. The most expensive diamond paved Rolex is the Daytona "Masterpiece" valued at around $1,000,000 US Dollars.

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I don't know what the type of it is but i do know how much the most expensive type of watch is .

It is £210,000

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Rolex Masterpiece

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Q: How much does the most expensive new rolex watch cost?
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What model is the most expensive Rolex?

model of watch or the most exspensive model that wears a rolex watch

Most expensive brand of watch?


Whats the most exspensive watch?

On a whole, rolex watches are some of the most expensive in the world.

The brand of the most expensive watch in the world?

PAtek Phillippe is the most expensive watch brand in the word, contrary to the popular belief and common mmisconception that it is Rolex.

What is the most expensive brand of watch?

A Rolex, Cartier or Omega in that order. But there are different Rolex watches like one can cost you 10.000 $ and the other 50.000$ but you can also get custom made watches that are much more expensive than Rolex because some have real diamonds on them basically whatever the customer wants and sometimes that can even add up to 100.000 $.

How much is a diamond Rolex watch?

Do you mean a particular model, or type of rolex? A Cosmograph Daytona chronograph in stainless steel is $13,000 compared to the Oyster Datejust at $4,000. Values can increase 12 X if the case is made of platinum and a final cost of well over $130,000 is possible if you opt to have your watch inset with diamonds.

What is the most collectible rolex watch?

SS daytona

How much does it cost to replace the hands on a Rolex watch?

It depends on the model and how old it is, but the parts usually cost around $90 and another $150 in labor depending on where you take it. Rolex of Switzerland would most likely charge over $400.

Used rolex watches?

W1 Jeweller's store in London specializes in buying Rolex watches and is a trusted source for selling your Rolex watch. If you're looking to sell a Rolex watch in London, visit our store for a fair and accurate valuation. We also suggest contacting authorized Rolex dealers in the area for additional options.

What is the best watch?

Rolex, totally Rolex:]I think Rolex watch is the best watch.If you think real rolex is too expensive ,then you can try to buy a replica Rolex watch.It looks decent enough and the average passerby won't know the difference. The material, however, is most often much lesser quality and the watch does not last as long as an authentic version.Try here may be help you to find good one. don't agree with this guys answer for a variety of reasons but mainly because the question you ask is so opinionated. He may say Rolex but you may think Rolex's suck. Do some research all watch brands have something unique to offer about them. Find the one you like and go with it.

Which pawn shop item was the most profitable?

Antique Rolex watch

Where can one find original Rolex watches for sale?

Rolex watches are a luxury brand and carry price tags that match. They start in the $3000 price range and go up to several times that. There are less expensive replicas available, but these can infringe on trademarks and thus be illegal, and can be of poor quality. Perhaps consider a more economy brand of watch with some similarity in terms of look.