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In the troposphere (the first 4 km or 36,000 feet), and in a non-temperature inversion situation, the temperature drops about 6.5 °C for every 1 km increase in altitude, or approximately 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit per 1000 feet.

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In the troposphere, temperatures decrease with altitude (air pressure), which is known as the adiabatic lapse rate (9.8 °C per thousand feet).

While there are different temperatures throughout the atmosphere, there are both increases and decreases in it as one moves upwards. With the first 6-10 kilometers of the troposphere, the temperature does indeed decrease (as can be seen with mountaineering) but actually increases during the next 40 or so kilometers of the stratosphere due to the ultraviolet rays the ozone there absorbs. The next 30 to 50 kilometers of the mesosphere actually then fall drastically in temperature, before skyrocketing in the thin but radiation-irradiated thermosphere beyond.

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Q: How much does the temperature drop as you go higher?
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The air temperature decreases as you go higher. On the average temperature decreases about 6.5 degrees Celsius for each kilometer.

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