How much does the worlds most expensive dress cost?

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There are a number of candidates vying for the honor of "world's most expensive dress."
The Diamond Wedding Gown, designed by Renee Strause, a Beverly Hills Bridal Salon owner and Martin Katz, a dealer of rare gems, features 150 carats of diamonds. Due to the value of the gems, the dress is appraised at US $12 million (another source claims it is being offered for $19 million).

In 2006, Yumi Katsura showed a dress at the Dubai Fashion & Diamonds show that was then touted as the world's most expensive dress. The gown incorporated 1,000 pearls and two five-carat diamonds into its design, and was valued at US $8.5 million.

In July 2004, Samantha Mumba attended the premier of Spiderman II in a web-themed Scott Henshall creation covered with over 3,000 diamonds. The dress cost 5 million pounds, the 2009 equivalent of US $8,076,486.

In April 2009, a blog called "The Goddess Says" mentioned a US $30 million dollar dress created by Malaysian designer Faisol Abdullah, from Jendela Batik.

The Abdullah gown, named "The Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur," is an extravagant bit of couture made from 20 meters of red taffeta and silk decorated with 751 diamonds ranging in size from 1 to 3 carats, and set with a 70-carat brilliant-cut pear-shaped diamond on the bodice. The diamonds come from the private Mouawad collection. The dress, touted as an investment, is priced at 100 million Malaysian riggit, the approximately equivalent of US $28,510,280 (not quite $30 million, but close).

According to my research, the Faisol Abdullah dress appears to be the world's most expensive.
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