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This depends on the sodium chloride concentration; higher the concentration, higher the density.


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About 9.8 newtons per kilogram.

No Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) has a mass of 121, and Sodium Chloride (NaCl) has a mass of 59.

== 72 pounds== Sodium chloride, NaCl, weighs 72 lb/ft3.

1 mole of Sodium Chloride weighs 58.5 grams (1 mole is the same as the molecular weight of a compound. The molecular mass of Sodium Chloride- NaCl is 23 [Na atomic mass] + 35.5 [Cl atomic mass] which is equal to 58.5 grams).Thus 10 moles would weigh 10x58.5 grams = 585 grams.The answer is 585 grams.

Ammonium Chloride sublimes when heated whereas Barium Sulfate does not. Another method would be to add de-ionized water to the mixture. The solids left over will be the Barium Sulfate whereas the the Ammonium Chloride will be mixed with the de-ionized water. Weigh everything first, including the water because the Ammonium Chloride will sublime when dry if you try to evaporate the de-ionized water from the mixture.

About 920g is the mass, but the weight is about 9.03N, depending on your location on Earth.

weigh 3.1g sodium thio sulphate for 250ml solution

Unless the rock causes some of the water displaced in the tank to overflow and leave the tank, just placing the rock into the water won't change the weights; it will still weigh 100 pounds.

Weigh 1.499gm of pure Sodium Nitrite Standard (Purity>99%) in an A class volumetris flask and dissolve completly in double distilled water up to the mark.

That would depend on how much you have to weigh.

It doesn't weigh more. Water is more dense than ice. When water freezes, the molecules clump together. However, the molecules have space between each other, thus allowing ice to float on water.

A pint of 30 percent calcium chloride weight 0.7426 kg

The weight of sodium hypochlorite (bleach) varies depending on the concentration. Bulk users (municipal water treatment, manufacturing, cooling towers) most frequently use 12.5% sodium hypochlorite which weighs 10 lbs. per gallon.

12.2598 lbs/gallon for 43% material

1. Weigh 165,7 mg ultrapure NaCl dried at 110 0C for 30 min.2. Transfer NaCl in a clean 1 L volumetric flask using a funnel.3. Wash the funnel with 0,9 L demineralized water.4. Put the flask in a thermostat and maintain 30 min at 20 0C.5. Add demineralized water up to the mark.6. Stir vigorously and transfer in a clean bottle with stopper.7. Add a label with necessary information

15 litres of water weigh 15 Kg.

13.7 times more. Because the atoms of mercury are heavier (more massive) than the molecules of water AND they're closer together.

1 milliliter of pure water weigh 1 gram.

1500 litres of water weigh 1500 kg

Salt water is denser than fresh water (and the saltier it is, the denser it is; the unusually salty water of the Dead Sea is denser than that of other bodies of salt water). Buoyancy is produced by the displacement of water, and the denser the water is, the less has to be displaced to produce the same amount of buoyancy. The reason why salty water is denser than fresh water is that when salt dissolves in water, it produces electrically charged ions; for example, table salt, sodium chloride (NaCl) produces the Na+ ion and the Cl- ion. These ions are strongly attracted to water molecules, because even though the water molecules are electrically neutral, they are polar molecules which have a negatively charged and a positively charged section. And because of the attraction that ions have for water molecules, the whole liquid becomes more dense. It should also be noted that salt water has a variety of soluble ionic compounds in it, not just sodium chloride, and some of them involve heavier elements such as calcium, whose atoms weigh a lot more than the oxygen or hydrogen atoms of which water is composed.

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