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How much does your brain weigh?


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1300 - 1400 grams (about 3 pounds)


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the teenagers brain weighs 2.8 pounds

The elephant Brain weighs 6000g.

It weighs about 3 pounds.

average brain weight for a horse is 532 grams

A dolphins brain weighs 13 pounds.

No, it weighs 2 times more than your brain.

On average, a mouse brain weighs around 0.09 grams. However, a brain can weigh slightly more or less depending on the mouse species.

The human brain weights about 3 pounds.

The mass of an adult human brain is about 1.3 to 1.4 kg.

An adult's brain weighs about 3 Lbs or 1.4 kg.

Depends on how much you weigh

an 8 year old's brain is about from 5lbs and 2oz to 5lbs and 6oz

The heaviest brain on record weighed about 4.5 pounds.

The Sperm Whales brain weighs approximately 19 lbs

The human brain weighs approximately 3 pounds in a full grown adult.

The brain is mostly muscle muscle weighs more than fat,

The human brain is approximately 1320g

well if you are not inteligent your brain as a teenager will weighs nothing. but fortunately not everyone is stupid it will weigh about......... i got nothing so tally oh

The mass of an adult brain is 1300 to 1400 grams and a newborn baby's brain weighs 300 to 400 grams.

The average male brain weighs about 3.5 lbs (1600 grams)

An adult pig brain will range from 80g to 180g...about the size of a large plumb.

The average Human Male's brain weighs 1360 grams (3 pounds)

The human brain weighs anywhere from a pound for a newborn and 3 pounds for an adult.

bruv just go to the brain store and get a brain

It depends on the snake, but no snake has a brain more than a few ounces in weight. The largest snake, the anaconda, can weigh 200 pounds, but with a brain weight less than that of a housecat.

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