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Q: How much energy do you use when you run?
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How can you save geothermal energy?

You don't need to save it because it is a renewable energy and can never run out no matter how much we use it.

How much energy does Bowflex TC5000 TreadClimber take to run?

It takes a decent amount of energy and you must be in good shape to use it for an extended time.

How is solar energy renewable energy?

Well solar energy is renewable because, the sun's rays will never run out. That makes it renewable.Renewable energy sources will never run out and we will have a constant supply of them. And with renewable energy sources, we are not hurting the environment as much as when we use fossil fuels.

Do you use mechanical energy when you run?


What kind of energy does a machine use?

The energy that is used to make a machine run is electrical energy.

When you run out of the solar energy what are you going to use?

Solar energy is a renewable energy. The only way you would run out of solar energy is if the sun were to explode, disappear etc.

What are some things solar energy can be used for?

You can use solar panels, some cars run on it, TVS, heat and much more.

Why does the cheetah run a short distance at a bursting speed?

it uses up all or most of its energy to run and catch prey or run off predators. when its hot out they will use up theyre energy much faster.

How much energy does Google use?

They use way to much energy, but what would we do with out google. :)

What effect will caffeine have on speed a person can run how much energy they have and how far they can run?


When animal cells run out of carbohydrates they can use a reserve source of energy in the form of?

they can use energy from gasses which makes it carbohydrates

Is it is possible to run bikes with the use of solar energy?