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200,000 joules of heat are needed to produce a single styrofoam cup. In order to simulate the waste of a styrofoam cup, its ceramic counterpart would have to be used 70 times or washed over a thousand times to offset the loss of heat in one styrofoam cup.

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How much space do styrofoam cups take up in landfills?

30 %

How much energy does it take to make aluminum?

two electrons

How do you make a 3D model of the element silver?

Take a styrofoam ball. Make indents. 1=10.

How much promethazine DM should you take to get high?

2 teaspoons in sprite and styrofoam

How much energy does it take to make an Oreo contaner?

how much enegry for oreo 1

How long does it take for styrofoam to biodegrade?

how long does it take styrofoam to bidegrade?more then 5000 years10 years

Does it take energy to make bonds?

yes it does take energy to make bonds

Can you spray paint a Styrofoam ball?

yes it is possible to spray paint a styrofoam ball. before spray painting a styrofoam ball, you must take a wet papertowel and smoothen out the styrofoam ball with it.

How long does it take styrofoam to digest?

Styrofoam is not digestible. The body will eliminate it before it would be digestible. Styrofoam should not be consumed under any circumstances.

How much energy does it take to make paper?

6 W To produce, package, and transport.

Is styrofoam a better conductor of heat than plastic?

No. Styrofoam take longer time to be heated than plastic.

How do YOU wrapped the soup for take out?

It's best to use a styrofoam container with a lid. Styrofoam will not get as hot as glass or plastic.

How much energy dees it take to make a 1 liter. glass bottle?


How long does it take a Styrofoam cup to decompose?

It will take 400 years.

How long does it take styrofoam to decompose?


What question can be answered by science?

How much energy does it take to make a paper bag!

Is Styrofoam renewable or non renewable?

Styrofoam is not renewable. It is plastic, made from oil, a fossil fuel. Plastics can be recycled but recycling of domestic styrofoam is often difficult as many recycling plants will not take it.

How long does it take Styrofoam to breakdown in a landfill?

500 years

About how long does it take a styrofoam cup to decompose?

400 YEARS.... !

How do you make a styrofoam wig. It's for cosplay and I see dragqueens with styrofoam moulded wigs and I need to learn to make them. Any ideas or pointers. I know nothing as of yet. Help?

I have never heard that idea. It must be unique. I would say take a large piece of styrofoam and cut it into the shape you want, but they do sell gelled wigs that work well too.

Which question can be answered by science?

how much pesticide is safe to use on plants what is the effect of pesticides on the environment how much energy does it take to make a paper bag

How much energy does it take to make 1 new aluminum can?

It takes 15kWh to make 1 kg of aluminum. it takes 15g of aluminum to make one can. This is about 225w*h of energy, which is enough energy to power your average desktop computer for a little less than an hour.

How much energy did it take for the plane to take off?

Depends on the plane

How much antimatter would it take to reach the moon?

That depends on where you start and how much mass you want to take there. There are two many variables to make a guess. In general, because matter-antimatter conversion to energy results in a huge amount of energy (assuming that the antimatter is used in a matter-antimatter drive of some sort), it wouldn't take much.

How do you make 3d animal cell out of Styrofoam?

How do you make a 3-d animal cell model out of a Styrofoam ball? well first buy a Styrofoam ball from Michael's or something and cut it in half or cut a fourth out of it. then you should pick a color modeling clay for the cell membrane and cover the un-cut out piece of Styrofoam with it. then take a smaller Styrofoam ball, cut a fourth out of it and paste it to the inside of the ball. u might want to cover it with a modeling clay of your choice first. then take a greenish clay and cover the inside of it as the cytoplasm. then find random things that look like the cell's real organelles and paste it on with either a hot glue gun or regular Styrofoam glue. label your parts then with toothpicks and a piece of paper. once done with that, give your cell model a title and VIOLA!