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The brain consumes about 25 % of the body's energy when at rest.

So for a typical person, on an average day, this equates roughly to 24 watts (based on 2,500 Calories/day).

But the energy usage of the brain does vary depending on the level of mental exertion. Studies have shown that when performing difficult mental activities, the energy usage of the brain increases.

See the following link for more background:

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Why do brain cells require mitochondria?

for energy

Why does the brain require so much blood?

The brain requires a great deal of blood to satisfy its oxygen and glucose needs. The brain uses a tremendous amount of energy.

What systems in the body require energy?

cells, brain

How much electrical energy does the average American require per day?

How much electrical energy does the average American require per day ? How much electrical energy does the average American require per day ?

What organelle is abundant in brain cells?

Brain cells require a lot of energy and so mitochondria are found in large proportions in brain cells.

Your brain brain use how much of your bodys energy?


Why do elderly require less energy?

They require less energy as they do not do much work compared to teenagers. They should have less energy intake and less energy expenditure.

Why does the brain require 20 percent of the energy produced by the body?

because it works day and night

How does energy drinks effect your brain?

i think that energy drinks can effect you brain because it has to much caffeine in it and you can get to much of it in your system at one time just like alcohol.

Which of these does not require energy?

a rock

How many mitochondria does a skin cell have?

Cells that require the most energy contain the most energy generating mitochondria. The cells of the brain, the skeletal muscle and heart muscle, and the eye contain the highest number of mitochondria (as many as 10,000 per cell) while the skin cells, which do not require much energy, contain only a few hundred of them.

How much energy does the human brain use?

appox 20 %

If you do not eat breakfast will your brain still work the same way as when you eat breakfast?

Not necessarily. Your brain is an extremely needy organ. The cells in your brain require about 2 times as much energy as that of other cells in your body. Without the fuel that breakfast provides for your brain, you won't be as productive until you eat something. Complex carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables can keep you full for quite a while and provide your brain with the energy it needs to operate as well as it can. Simpler carbohydrates such as sugar also provide energy but not for as long as complex ones do.

Does electron pairing require energy?

no it does not require energy.

Why does the brain require such a large percentage of the body's total blood flow?

The brain contains billions of neurons (nerve cells) which are constantly sending signals to each other and to the rest of the body, whether you're awake or asleep. The neurons send their signals by pumping ions into and out of themselves, which takes energy. Each neuron has millions or billions of ion pumps, so even though a single ion pump doesn't use much energy, all the ion pumps in a neuron multiplied over the billions of neurons in the brain require substantial energy to operate. The blood that travels to the brain delivers the oxygen and glucose necessary for the brain to maintain these activities.

How much education does brain surgeons require?

I believe it requires around 19 years of college.

What type of environment do healthy brain cells require?

The cells of the brain require a very well-regulated environment.

How is mass related to the amount of energy needed to raise a substance's temperature?

For any given substance, it is a linear relationship. Twice as much mass would require twice as much energy. Ten times the mass would require ten times the energy.

Does Energy drinks kill brain cells?

yes if u drink to much of it.....

Chemical reactions that require energy?

endothermic reactions require energy

What types of cells require energy?

All of your cells require energy. Without energy you wouldn't be alive.

What living things require energy?

All living things require energy.

Activities that require energy that you are not able to see?

thinking, dreaming require energy

What membrane activity does not require the expenditure of energy by the cell?

Osmosis is the membrane activity that does not require the expenditure of energy by the cell. It does not require any input of energy.

Which process does not require energy active transport or faciliated energy?

The process that doesn't require energy is faciliated diffusion