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The energy produced by natural radioactive disintegration is small an important only at geological times scale.

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Q: How much energy does uranium produce in a certain amount of time?
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How much energy can uranium produce?

It depends upon the amount of uranium being used.However, the energy given out per nucleon per fission of uranium is 0.9 MeV.

What does uranium produce energy from?

This source is the fission energy.

Is nuclaer energy renewable?

Not exactly, but there are enormous reserves of nuclear fuel available. This is because a small amount of uranium, for example, or of deuterium, produce a large amount of energy.

What does fission of uranium-235 produce?


Why is uranium so special?

The nuclear fission of uranium-235 release a huge amount of energy.This energy can be used in nuclear reactors to produce electricity/heat or in nuclear weapons.

What are the similarities in the way uranium and hydrogen produce energy?

No similarities: - uranium: energy released by fission - hydrogen: energy released by oxidation

Uranium fuel pellets used in nuclear power station produce far more energy per kilogram than the energy produced by burning coal How much coal has to be burnt to produce the same amount of energy?

1 kg uranium 235 = 3 000 t coal

Why is Hydroelectricity not worldwide?

availability is not everywhere. it can only produce a certain amount of energy at a time

How much coal has to be burned to produce the same amount of energy as is generated by a kilogram of uranium fuel pellet?

About 1500 tons of coal

How could nuclear energy be classified as an inexhaustible energy resource?

Nuclear energy from uranium fission is not inexhaustible, because there is only a certain amount on Earth and we cannot recreate or manufacture it.

What type of energy does uranium produce?

When fissioned it produces thermal energy (heat)

What type of energy is uranium used to produce?

Nuclear energy via radiation.

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