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Q: How much energy is used by a 1500 w hair dryer used for 10 minuetes?
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How many watts does a hair-dryer use?

It depends on the model, if the hair dryer is a 1500 watt hair dryer, then it uses 1500 watts on high heat. If the hair dryer is a 2000 watt hair dryer, then it uses 2000 watts on high heat. Hair dryers come in all different size wattage, so it depends on the size wattage of the dryer. Most hair dryers are 1500 watts.

What is the usefull and wasted energy in a hair dryer?

Sound energy from the hair dryer is wasted.

Is a hair dryer a non-renewable source?

yes a hair dryer is a non renewable energy because a hair dryer uses a lot of energy for example electrical energy - goes into a hair dryer - what comes out - sound , heat,kinetic energy

What type of energy does a hair dryer begin with?

A hair dryer begins with electrical energy & converts into heat energy as well as kinetic energy!

2. A hair dryer converts what type of energy into thermal energy?

2. A hair dryer converts what type of energy into thermal energy?

How many watts do hair clippers use?

A watt is a unit of energy per second. A typical handheld hair dryer uses about 300 to 1800 watts. If you use an 1800-watt dryer for an hour, you will have used 1800 watt-hours, or 1.8 kilowatt-hours.

What form of energy is a hair dryer?

Heat energy

How old is the VS misty tone 1500 hair dryer?


How does the energy transform from outlet to the hair dryer?

with electric

Which source of energy does a hair dryer use?


How does a hair dryer act as an energy converter?

it is an energy converter because you are using electrical energy and converting it to heat energy when drying your hair

Which converts electric energy to heat and motion?

hair dryer