How much flour is in a cookie?


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It depends on how much flour you put into the recipe


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Three tablespoons per cookie.

It makes the cookie thick and fluffy.

i need flour for the cookie dough

Cookies without flour are not unhealthy. If cookie dough is made without flour, the finished cookie will be very flat and have spread out on the cookie sheet. It won't taste very good, but it is healthy.

Flour makes cookie dough less sticky. It also allows the texture to be smooth, and more round in general. So, the flour can make the cookie more full.

put it in the microwave If you mean how do you make a soft cookie, as opposed to a crispy cookie, the answer is to add more flour when you make the cookie dough. If you have more flour in the dough, it will be soft and chewy. If you have less flour and more butter/oil/fat of any kind, the cookie will be crispy and "snap" or break easily.

Flour is made from wheat (a starch) which is one of the ingredients in a cookie.

gives a cookie its structure

it fluffs it and makes it chewy

you add some more egg or butter ! :)

An unprepared cookie sheet is simply a cookie sheet that does not require a coating of grease and sprinkled flour.

It's sometimes referred to as cookie flour.

Peanut Butter Cookie recipes using white flour can be used substituting the whole wheat flour for the white flour. They may have a different texture or consistency.

Dip the cutter in flour before each cut

Yes it is usually made with flour, sugar, oil and vanilla

The cookie dough had a very thick consistency because I added too much flour.

The type of flour best for cookies, sort of depends on what type of cookie you'll be making, but generally, using either pastry flour or all-purpose is your best bet.

i would add more flour, only a little at a time but sometime i add some sugar beacause to much flour can change the the taste slightly but flour is the main thing

sure, but you'll have to increase the flour, and reduce the fat (butter) and baking soda - liquid and alkalinity (from the soda) encourage dough to spread, and you'll want a rolled cookie to retain its shape better. a typical drop cookie might have 1 egg per 2c flour, where a rolled cookie might have 3c flour for that one egg, so that's a good guideline for the flour. for baking soda,

Plain flour, which you can buy anywhere. This is the main ingredient. Without this you are not able to cook you cookie. You mix your flour with some butter and egg yolk. This will end up in your dough of your cookie.

without flour, cookie dough is too sticky to work with. flour makes them fuller, less sticky, and yummy!

A cookie is made from flour, butter, sugar, egg and often flavourings such as vanilla essence or chocolate.

Cookie dough is a mixture. It is a mixture of ingredients including flour, egg, and sugar.

well, flour makes the cookie mixture into dough so it affects it alot.....

Flour sugar butter flavour

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