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enough so that your turtles are not full.If they are small turtles, feed them small peices of food :o]

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What food do turtle eat?

sea weeds

What are the food that sea turtle eat?

Green algae.

How much fish does a sea turtle eat?


How does a sea turtle sleep?

pet stores sell marine turtle food but if you dont have any turtle food then they can eat fish (live or dead)

What kind turtle can you eat?

you can eat an african sea turtle

What is a predator of a Sea Turtle?

A shark can eat an adult sea turtle. There are lots of fish that can eat baby sea turtles.

What type of food do sea turtle eat?

they eat a grass called sea grass staht(the word i misspeled is thats)unda' tha'sea

Does a raccoon eat a leatherback?

A raccoon will not eat an adult sea turtle. However, they will eat sea turtle eggs and hatchlings.

How and where does a sea turtle obtain food?

That depends on the species of turtle. Some eat stuff they find on coral reefs, others eat jellyfish out in the deep ocean.

How much do sea turtle eat per month?

A turtle might eat maybe 1-3 times per day like us humans.If you have a turtle as a pet,do not feed it too much.A land turtle and a sea turtle might eat 1-3 times per day too.

What is marine turtle favorite food?

Marine sea turtles mostly eat fish and jelly fish. The green sea turtle is the only one who is a herbivore, eating mainly sea grass.

How much food does sea turtles eat?

sea turtles eat 5000 pounds of food a day

How much do sea turtles eat a day?

A turtle might eat maybe 1-3 times per day like us humans. A land turtle and a sea turtle might eat 1-3 times per day too.

About how many green sea turtle are there?

There are not much sea turtle

Is a sea turtle a herbivore or a carnivore?

It depends on which sea turtle you mean. Some eat algae, some eat jellyfish.

What would eat a sea turtle?

Me... Turtle soup, yum!

Can a predator eat a turtle when its in the shell?

An alligator could eat a turtle in its shell, and a shark could eat a sea turtle in its shell.

What do galapagos shark eat?

they eat sea turtle

What do flatback turtles eat?

The food a Flatback Turtle consumes varies. They eat alot of sea weed, they eat other invertibrates, sea cucumbors, mollusks, jellyfish, prawns, and bryozoans.

What does sea turtle eat?


Does a sea dragon eat a turtle?

no it does not

Can a sea snake eat a modern sea turtle?


Can a sea snake eat a baby sea turtle?

yes they can

How does olive ridley turtle get its food?

Olive ridley sea turtles are mostly carnivorous. They eat invertebrates such as jellyfish, sea urchins, crustaceans, and shellfish. When no other food is available, they may eat filamentous algae.

What do sea turtle like to eat?

they like to eat sea kelp and sertin other sea kelp.

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