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Around 200, maybe more maybe less depending on where you live

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Q: How much for an 8 ball of coke?
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How much does an 8 ball of coke cost?

2 million

What is a 8 ball of Tina?

Coke caine

How much can you make off an 8 ball of coke?

About 6-12 months in state corrections.

How many grams an a 8 ball?

3.5 grams about 70- 50 mg lines? do you have an 8 ball? Let Do Coke! I did an 8 ball to my face Friday night....always share an 8 ball..I ODd

What does an 8 ball tattoo symbolize?

I heard my sister-in-law today telling someone that her ex-boyfriend got a flaming 8-ball on his forearm and that it's a symbol for cocaine. It is not necessarily a symbol for cocaine but since her ex was a coke user it was a symbol of coke for himself, hence the 8-ball(the pool ball and an 8ball of coke). Virtually no one else would look at this tattoo and assume that he is a coke user; they may think he likes to play pool.

How much is an 8 oz coke bottle?

No more than 8 ounces.

How much sugar is in coke soda?

There are about 8 teaspoons of sugar in a single can of coke, though it is in the form of glucose.

How much did a bottle of coke cost in 1969?

Ten cents

How much does an eight ball of coke weight?

depends. it can be as low 2.5 grams to 5 grams

What will happen to the heart if you take drugs?

depends on what drugs you take.. shoot an 8 ball of coke maybe it will explode.

How many 8 balls in an oz of coke?

There are 8x 8balls(otherwise called ball / game) in an Oz. Each is 1/8 of an oz. = 3.5gm.

How much is in coke?

how much of WHAT is in coke, also coke (beverage) or coke (illegal substance)

How much does a 8-Ball of crack weight?

3.5 grams for a ball

How much is an 8 ball of cocain worth?

an 8 ball is 3.5 grams. its price is usually $120

How much sugar is there in a can of coke?

The average American can of Coke is 10.91% high fructose corn syrup. That is 45g of sugar, or 8 tsp of sugar.

How much is a 8 ball of cocaine?

1/8 of an ounce

How much is 8 ball of crystal meth?

An 8 ball o f crystal meth is 3.5 grams

How much do coke cans weigh?

depends how much coke is in it.

How much does an 8 ball weigh?

225.078 gm

How much cocaine is 200 worth?

an 8 ball

In California How much does an 8 ball cost?


How much was a can of coke in 1994?

a can of coke was 40p

How many grams are in a teener of cocaine?

1,75 grams are in a teener. It takes two teeners to equal a eight ball of coke. A ball of coke weighs 3.5grams

How much does an 8 ball of cocaine weight?

An 8 ball refers to an eighth of an ounce of cocaine, so 3.5 grams

How much can you make off a 8 ball of cocaine?

8 balls worth