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Q: How much for changing the filter and motor oil in a citroen saxo 1.1?
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How do you change the oil in a john deere LA 125?

I 'm changing the oil /filter on my John Deer (Riding Mower LA125). How much motor (10w-30) do I put in.

How much oil does a 1988 Ford Bronco II hold?

5 quarts if changing Oil Filter 4 Quarts if NOT changing Oil Filter

How much oil does a 1987 Yamaha virago 535 take when changing oil?

with changing the filter: 3.3 quarts without filter change: 3.2 quarts

How much oil needs to be put in a Suzuki boulevard m50 when changing oil and filter?

Suzuki Manual for a 2006 M50 (VL800) States: 3.6 Quarts with filter change 3.2 Quarts without filter change Use 10W40 SF/SG or SH/SJ motor oil

How much oil goes in xf falcon motor when empty?

5 litres bone dry fill, 4.5 litres if just changing oil + filter, 4.2 litres if just dropping the oil out.

How much oil do you put in a Suzuki gz250 after changing it?

2.2 quarts with filter 1.8 without filter change

How much oil to use in a 2004 Trailblazer?

7 quarts when changing the filter

How much oil does a kawasaki 610 mule hold?

The Kawasaki 610 holds 1.5 US qt in a completely dry engine. You should never overfill the motor oil. You can check the motor oil with the motor oil dipstick. 1.37 Qt if changing oil and and removing filter. 1.1 us qt if your not removing filter. this is straight from the Kawasaki mule dealer mechanic guide. and on a normal oil change with filter removed its barley over 1 QT.

How much oil does a 95 camaro require when changing oil and filter?

5 quarts

How much oil 2001 Toyota Sequoia?

6.5 qts if you are also changing the filter.

When changing the transmission filter how much fluid will be lost?

5 quarts would be average.

How much oil does a gsxr 750 need?

Changing the filter 3/5 gallons...