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36 pounds per square inch

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Q: How much force is required to crush a human skull?
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How much weight does it take to crush a human skull?

how much weight do would you have to have to drop on a human skull at crush it

Can a human generate the 36psi required to crush a human skull with bare hands?

Based on the results of a study published in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics our skulls need 520 pounds of force on average to be crushed. The average adult male has 200 pounds of potential force. Therefore, you would have to be one super strong beast of a man to be able to crush someone's skull with your bare hands.

Can a rock crush a human skull?


How much pressure does it take to crush a human skull?

It takes up to 283 pounds on pressure to cursh a human skull.

How much force does a mouse trap have?

enough force to crush a mouse skull/ribs/break it's spine

How much energy does it take to crush a human skull?

a lot if you ask a scientist

Can a human punch through a human skull?

With enough force, yes.

Can a hippo crush a human skull?


How much force to break a human skull?

About the same amount of force it takes to hit a baseball with a baseball bat.

Which is thicker the human skull or the chimpanzee skull?

The human skull is bigger so it must be the human skull

How much force can the human skull take before breaking?

2 g"s

How much force does it take to crack a human skull?

One hit with a baseball bat

What is the bite force of a couger?

The jaw and sharp teeth have been known to crush a horses Skull. The Bite force study estimates the cougars bite to be around 470 newtons.Bite force /Body weight of 108

Can a great horned owl crush a human skull?

If it wanted to, yes. -owl expert grl (12 yrs)

How does the human skull compare to the sheep skull?

The human skull and sheep skull are quite a bit different. The human skull is more round than the sheep skull.

What is the difference in the density of a human skull bone compared with wood If they are both impacted with the same force which would be more resistant?

Too many variances to give a concise answer. There are hundreds of types of wood, each with its own density and strength variables. The object that hits them is also going to be a factor, as an ax is going to be very different then a baseball bat, which is different then a fireplace poker. It takes some 250 pounds of force to crush the average human skull, but that depends also on where you are squeezing it.

How is monkey's skull different than a human skull?

a monkeys skull is different from a human skull by degrees of luck. it's bad luck to have a monkey skull but it's worse luck to have a human skull.

What actors and actresses appeared in Crush the Skull - 2010?

The cast of Crush the Skull - 2010 includes: Walt Bost as Stranger Chris Dinh as Austin

How much force does it take to fracture the human skull?

I think a crowbar would probably do it...Just use that.

Could you crush a human skull with a fire extinguisher?

yes if you hit the scull so hard it could be cracked

What are the weakest joints in the human body?

the weakest joint in the body is actually your skull. when people say that the skull is harder than concrete, they're idiots and yeah. if you hit your skull with over 3 pounds of force, it will break.

Can i buy real human skull?

can i buy real human skull

Is the top of the head vulnerable?

almost 500 to 800 N force is req for healthy adult human to break skull.

What is the hardest part of the human skull?

The teeth are the hardest part of the human skull.

Can woman crush mans skull by stomping on him?


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How much weight does it take to crush a human skull?

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